Maho.suh, 19901012, Miami Beach, Florida, United States

Why do we need friends or pen pals?

Because we are human. But a human is a species with herd habit.We need the people around us, as pieces of society, to coexist and thrive.Friends help each other in difficult times, share joys, relieve sadness.Someone also said, “I do not need friends, I go to work to receive my salary, what I need to buy, what I buy. Without friends I can still live.That is right, that is not right.Without friends, we just existed. Exist in an isolated and narrow world.And in that small world, there will be time…

Maho.suh, 19901012, Miami Beach, Florida, United States

Searching for male pen pals on the world

I am searching for pen pals on the world for friendship and language exchange. I think meeting pen pals online is a common thing nowadays. There are a number of reasons for this: first, an online way of doing things is flexible. This means that everyone can be able to meet with pen pals regardless of the occupation, duties, availability and location. This is because internet services are available everywhere. It, therefore, means that work is in progress twenty-four hours a day seven days a week…

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