The Journey, Part 5

Several months passed, and the house inspection was eventually scheduled. Then, the inspection came and went. At first glance, the report that was given didn’t look good. It seemed like the prospective buyers would either demand high-dollar repairs or attempt to exit their contract.

However, the unexpected happened. Upon further review, the inspection didn’t go nearly as far as some believed it would. Additionally, the interested buyers only asked for very minor repairs to be done in order for them to proceed with the sale. This was a very unexpected turn of events because it seemed like the house had much that could have been complained about, even though it had many positive aspects.

A new contract was signed that guaranteed the requested repairs, and before we knew it, it was time to close the sale. Everything went through without any major concerns. This occurred just weeks before a major hurricane hit the area where the house was. Nonetheless, the deal was done, and we were free of the property that we felt was tying us down.

At this point, it once again seemed like things were returning to normal, but there was still more to come.

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