The Journey, Part 1

This will be a brief overview of a story God wants me to tell. I don't want to force my views on anyone; you can choose to believe me if you want. I'm only following the Lord's direction.

The journey began in summer 2016 when God called my parents to make a major life change that many in their demographic did not understand. My dad retired early from his full-time job to pursue a call to full-time ministry. However, though we believed that our home church would become his next employer, Jesus had other plans. Every door that used to be open for us was completely slammed shut.

Nonetheless, one door opened that seemed very evident: a job offer in another state. Most of our family had always lived in the same state and had rarely considered moving elsewhere. However, there was a collective feeling among us that taking the new job was the right thing to do.

Moreover, one barrier seemingly stood in the way of this change: selling the house we currently lived in. It had already been on the market for awhile with little to no interest, so it seemed like, at the time, it would never sell. It had been built long before other houses in the neighborhood, which appeared to be something that kept potential buyers from being interested in it. If the house didn't sell soon, we felt like we wouldn't be able to move forward with the door that God had seemingly opened.


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