The Journey, Part 2

As we looked at in Part 1, God had called my parents to leave their current situation and move to a new state. However, a barrier stood in the way: a house that would not sell. Like I previously said, I don't want to force my views on anyone; I only want to tell the story the Lord wants me to tell.

Months went by, and the new job offer stayed open in the other state while we waited for the house to sell. However, it didn't sell. One day, the new employers gave my father an ultimatum: come to begin work or lose the job.

Thus, my parents made a very difficult decision to pack most of our belongings into a moving truck and to leave the house behind. Later, after getting the rest of our possessions from the house, a realtor would take over the selling business.

However, as we left what we knew was a place God didn't want us to live, where we would live next was uncertain. We had plans to lease-to-own a house in the area very close to where the new job was, but this situation became unusual as it was revealed (after arriving) that the house was under foreclosure.

With no other rental options on the market at that time, we tried to find another house to buy through a lease option. However, many homeowners were skeptical that we hadn't sold our previous house yet. Thus, we began living in vacation houses until we could find a permanent home.


skyville, 19951109, Fargo, North Dakota, United States

Thanks for sharing! I know I've been working on handling the unknown that God has me go through each day. Enjoy the fun times and learn to appreciate the lessons that are shaping you to continue doing God's work.

prettyasian26, 19950401, Sacramento-CA, California, United States

Nice story. Thanks.

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