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I am 62 years of age, divorced with children sometimes living with me at home. Currently I am working contract in California but my children are in Pennsylvania. I am very marriage minded and seriously looking for a life long friend, lover, wife, and partner. I am 6'' 2" tall and 235lbs.and have blue eyes. I have reddish-blond hair that is full retreat, and a moustache that comes and goes with the seasons. I am in good health, and drink rarely and only socially. I have many interests including reading, music, theater, gardening, hiking, travel, movies, sports, cooking, computers, electronics, poetry and camping. I love children and enjoy the responsibilities of being a parent and a father. I love to teach children and help them grow and mature into responsible young men and women. For what other purpose than to love, nurture, encourage, uplift, and help others are we given life? I love to send flowers, walk on beaches at sunset, dance under the stars, and dream under the full moon. I am very romantic, passionate, sensual, and an excellent conversationalist. I do not shun responsibility, I accept each trial in life as an opportunity to grow, to learn, and to become more than I am today as a man and a person. I am not a prince, I am not a millionaire, I am a Christian man, real, honest, and honorable. I can cook, clean house with the best of them including toilets..lol. I can do my own laundry, iron, sew hems and buttons, make a fire, survive in the wilderness, and grow a mean garden. I love to laugh, sing, and savor each moment of life that God has seen fit to provide to me. I walk each day knowing within my heart that the very next breath is not mine but a great gift given to me in deepest love. I have seen the good times and the bad times, I have had much and nothing. I have felt physical pain and experienced disasters both natural and self-made. I have fallen in despair, wept in deepest grief, and been completely alone from human touch but always by the Grace of God I have been brought to my feet, healed, and lead onward into life's journey. I am not concerned with physical appearance because it is so fleeting with time, illness, stress, or accident. I am concerned with the beauty, character, and weaknesses, and strengths of the soul and spirit. In other words I care little for physical beauty that is transient by nature but with those qualities that are eternal. Yes, I appreciate physical beauty but it is a light bulb when compared to the brilliance of one's soul and spirit.
I am seeking a woman who wants love, romance, and friendship, enjoys conversation, and is trustworthy, committed to marriage, loves children, and wants to be first in my life after Jesus. I want a woman to support, care for, love, honor, and cherish. I am seeking a woman to laugh with and enjoy life to the fullest. I am seeking a woman who wants a husband that is family oriented and places the highest priority on family and family life. I am seeking a woman that wants stability, friendship, enjoys some adventure, wants to be romanced and loved. I am Christian and place a strong faith in God. I place the highest priority on marriage and love. The woman I seek is confident in herself. She is positive and motivated. She is a free spirit with an expressive soul. She is honest, truthful, and sincere. She is not afraid to reveal her vulnerabilities (knowing and trusting that I will protect them with my life) and she will accept and protect mine as I reveal them to her. She is someone that I trust implicitly with my life, my hopes, my dreams, and with my heart. She is faithful, loyal, committed, and filled with the strength and desire to persevere in a relationship regardless of external circumstances, events, sickness, or tragedy. The ebb and flow of the life's tides, the rising and setting of life's events do not cause her desire or purpose to waver from it's course. She is caring, compassionate, and nurturing. She is supportive and knows the difference between pushing and nudging if I should falter. She understands the power of suggestion and knows that she has the power to motivate and inspire me. She respects my free will and understands that manipulation is exploitation. In times of turmoil in her partner's life, she knows when and how to listen. She is passionate about life and about her partner. She is playful and affectionate. And, she understands the power and importance of the words *Baby, I love you.* She craves to be touched by me and understands my need to be touched by her. She is sensual and more than comfortable with her sexuality. She has an imagination that she is willing to share and freely explore with me. Introspectively, she recognizes how amazing she truly is. And, she knows that I will cherish and adore her for everything that she is and everything that she will be. She will understand the significance of being my soul mate and she will revel in the knowledge that she is the woman of my dreams." She will always be the lady that walks in beauty within the confines of my heart, my soul, and my mind.


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