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Posted on 12/16/2007

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I'm an American guy living in Saigon, Vietnam. I'm a professional travel photographer, so I travel a lot. I also teach English on the side, and I write books about Asian languages. I'm fluent in English, Thai, Vietnamese and Spanish. Photography, photography, photography. Did I mention photography? It's my job as well as my hobby, I pretty much always have a camera with me. I love learning foreign languages, trying new and different food, traveling, scuba diving, learning about volcanoes, listening to music (rock, hip hop, jazz, blues, pop... anything original), going to the movies as much as possible, riding motorbikes, and, oh yeah... photography! I'm open minded and will talk to anybody. I prefer Asian women, but it's not a rule! I like ACTIVE people. This doesn't mean you must be athletic (I'm not!), but I like to go places and do things, I like people who are interesting and intelligent, who love talking and going new places and trying new things. If you like photography we'll never be bored! If you like learning somebody else's language we can have a lot of fun together teaching each other, and we'll have even more fun if you love food!
Going somewhere new together, having a really nice meal, maybe a drink or two, and sharing our secrets and feelings. I'm a modern guy, but I like old fashioned things like holding hands, and maybe sitting by the river and hugging for a while. I'm much more interested in going nice, small, quiet places than going somewhere flashy and expensive. I'm very generous, but I don't believe that more money means more fun - the real magic between people happens in their hearts and their minds, when they make their own moments and make a romantic atmosphere out of somewhere simple.
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