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First of all you read the profile of a possible pen friend for yourself. It is best to find one that has most of the same interests as you. Some can and will be a little different, and that is ok. Once you get that pen friends address this is how you can write the best letter. On a piece of paper, write down the persons interests, age, whatever they give you to refer to when writing your letter.
  • In the first paragraph write that you were happy they wanted to be your pen pal.
  • In the next paragraph you explain where you were born, your birth date, and how you got your name. Then write about your parents. If a parent has died say so.
  • Then tell about brothers and sisters if you have any.
  • Then in the next paragraph write about your marriage if you are married. Tell about your husband, how he is, his work, things you enjoy doing together.. Tell about children you have if any. Tell about step-children. If your not married, tell why you choose not to be married. Tell if you date or do not date.
  • In the next paragraph tell about any pets you have. Give their names, what kind of pet they are. If the person says they have pets ask what kind, how many and names. In the next paragraph, start with the persons interests. Like if they say they like movies, ask what kind they prefer. Then tell what kind you like and why.
  •  You can name a favorite. Next paragraph go to their next interest like reading. Ask what kinds of things they like to read, what is their favorite, Tell them what you like to read and if your currently reading a book let them know.
  • Do each interest the same, ask questions and then tell about your interest in that subject. If you are a Christian, explain your feelings about religion. Tell about your church and preacher. Don't get to pushy because that could turn a pen friend off.
  • Just mention mostly your experience and let them respond when they write. In the next paragraph tell about your work, if you work. All this may take a lot of writing, but it makes for a good letter.
  • End the letter saying you hope to hear from them as soon as they have time. and then sign it. I usually sign mine, Your New Friend then my signature. As time goes on you may want to add Your friend, or love your friend and so on. You've let them know about you, so they can ask questions when they write.



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