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Am a tall dark complexion guy with sense of humor, free and open to
every one. I am a shy guy that is still finding his way in life. I have in
recent years had a many ups and downs along life’s journey and I feel
like I am just trying to find some firm ground. I am also trying to
move past feelings of self-doubt and worthlessness, to a more positive
view of myself as a person. I am flawed like everyone else, but I do
have some good qualities to share with the world. I do like people,
though I often hide myself away from them, for fear of judgement and
ridicule. Hopefully in time I will learn to accept myself for who I am,
without worrying about the superficial stuff so much? After all, we
only have one life, there are no second chances. I like talk about a lot
of things that interest me, some of it the stuff is controversial, but not
always. I am not a bad person, but I like to be able to communicate
freely, If anyone objects to anything I say, i prefer them to talk about
it with me. One thing I am trying to do though, is to judge people
more on actions rather than words. I have learnt recently that a gulf in
opinion with others doesn't have to be a source of division. We are all
people, with love and respect we can find some common ground. I am
more than willing to talk with people that disagree with me on
anything, provided they show me the same respect that I will afford
them. I like music and have an interest in music, history, psychology,
people and religion, I am a friendly, non-judgm
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