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Posted on 08/19/2017
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Hello Fellow Earthlings~
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Uh, well. Hi! I am a linguistic student, interested in language! not just learning them but also how language works!
Im looking for people to send letters too and small packages and just be friends lmao. I am currently in FLorida but my university is out in Iowa and Im just having a little bit of trouble getting back.

Yea... just a little bit of trouble lmao.

I really like to talk about anything as far out as our universe to the current poltiics. I love fall weather, halloween, christmas time, Disney, nature, hiking and biking. I love animals, horror movies, music and can play a couple of instruments badly. I love to sing to songs, and tell people their astrology charts. I adore animals.

Since I live close to the air port I love watching the planes come in when Im out and about doing things. I love to draw, and write, and read. I love books. I love space and the ocean.

yea.. and food. I like food.
and anime.

and you know spooky things, graveyards, pagan things, and horror stories on youtube. Netflix is a good thing too haha.
I have all kinds of social media so feel free to hit me up. fair warning Im pretty bad at responding to them though which is why I love letters.

So personal and private and who doesn't like getting mail?

If you're into astrology I am a taurus sun, virgo moon, pisces rising.
If you're into the MBITI thing, Im an INFJ
Dutch, French, English
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