Tsu, 20040529, Hambantoţa, Hambantota, Sri Lanka

Galle Fort

Galle Fort is the most beautiful coastal town in Sri Lanka. Here, life slows down as locals play cricket alongside the beach, travelers walk on the ancient fort walls, and street vendors sell fresh tropical fruit under the palm trees. Its history makes it a melting pot of culture, with a unique fusion of European and Asian influences, as seen in the whitewashed Dutch-style buildings that line the cobbled streets. Head to the most southwestern corner of the country and enjoy all the beautiful thi…

Damex, 19880808, Abuja, Abuja Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria

Good to have a good friend

I have seen wonderad places and things that could make me incnxlibly happy. However, the true happiness came only at the time when I could share my expaiences thinly ftiends. Everywhere I go I need to find at least one person that in the end I can call a friend. Going to a conceit, to a movie or enjoying a party, it is inconceivable not to go with a friend. I do not =ail ever going to a concert on my own. And I missed several occasions to go to events that I really wanted to attend just because…

Hosema, 19930609, Balaka, Balaka, Malawi

Be careful about online scammers

Hello good people out there, i hope everything is going well with you. I'm Hope from Malawi i want to share with you something, anywhere on any type of social platform you will always find spam, these are bad guys who you once communicated with they will tell you to send em email so that they will share with you something and you did that all you will hear is about money they want to send to you so that they will come and visit you for some investment in your country they always use these w…

Hosema, 19930609, Balaka, Balaka, Malawi

Good things happens but Not To Me

Yes good things happens everywhere, anytime but have you ever asked yourself why bad things always happen to good people. Most of bad things happened to good people and good things happened a lot to bad people but i would like to encourage you that put your trust in God one day something good will happen to you and that thing will completely change your life for good and it will change the lives of people who are around you. Just have little faith and faith can move mountains.. lastly pray for o…

cuteRICHboy, 19770102, Beverly Hills, California, United States

Super Happy, Having fun making top earnings this year, Due to Being very successful in financial markets as a Self employed ' Home Office Guy at My estate poolside life..

I live in a wide 14 acreage spowling estate that keeps me happy living alone, no kids, no pets. I treat myself to an adult massage agency that sends outcall woman nitely to care for my needs all the time and I tip well for their affections, well showing of feelings towards me. So I become very whole as a male. I also use a in -home domestic service agency that does housekeeping weekly that I also tip well, as they located in the rodeo drive district nearby me in the city district from my residen…

Saeedx, 19810429, Tehrān, Teheran, Iran

Aryàn race and persian guy and liveing in Tehran

I'm Aryàn race and persian guy and liveing in Tehran the capital of IRAN or empire of Persia and my name is saeed

Badass666, 20000510, Kumasi, Ashanti, Ghana

Serious pen pal needed for assistance.

I am 22 yrs old guy who hails from Ghana,I am in need of a pen pal to welcome my exports outside the country. My mum sells African prints and we look forward to meeting foreign investors. I also want a pen pal to assist me into recruitment agencies abroad and online,I am of the view that someone might offer help Kos I really need assistance. I have completed Senior high school but currently unemployed but helping with the family business.I look forward to meeting pen pals who will aide me into g…

wangaram, 20020501, Homagama, Colombo, Sri Lanka


Hi friends , I'm going to tell you about some historical story .Thus I'm interesting with Great history not only in our country but also in the world history .Acoording to the MAHAVANSA(the greatest history book) queen sivali is second queen in Anuradapura kingdom . Sivali is daughter of former king Amandagamini as well as sister of king chilabaya. After king chulabaya (her brother ) ,she was ruled the country around 6 months . Although she able to rule short period she was the most si…

Vadim, 19980227, Vinnytsya, Vinnytsʿka, Ukraine

Help me please

Good afternoon, my name is Vadim, I'm 24 years old, I'm from Ukraine, sorry to bother you, I have such a situation, I never thought that my life would turn upside down and I would have to ask for money, there is a war in my country, I can't find a job, through the war, I can work remotely and help you, I used to work in the Ukrainian company Rocket as a logistics manager, even 1 dollar we have 30 hryvnias and this is already a lot, my English is bad, I will also be glad to meet ne…

Namutosi, 20000315, Bombo, Central, Uganda


Everything is possible if you believe in yourself and trusting in God .First of all you have to first ask yourself where you wanna be,who you wanna be,what are your goals ,who you are,what can you do to become who you want to be.Be your self and be grateful for what you have become ,always be positive and stay positive avoid negative attitudes .And don't let yesterday's mistakes make you afraid of tomorrow ,instead of getting swept in the past bring forward only things that will help y…

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