sandyperi, 20000829, Accra, Greater Accra, Ghana

self love.❤️

always don't forget to love yourself . Sometimes I hid behind the range of the eyes so as not to be noticed I'm a shy kinda person. The worlds crushing me up, and don't know where, who to run to. Always careful not to be heart broken.wish I was that big girl born in wealth. But never scared to make it big a dream. its your girl Sandy

LadyJona27, 19970422, Monon, Indiana, United States

Messaging and penpaling

I know I want to message people on apenpals on the website but sadly I been told to wait before messaging people on apenpals but sadly I got put a limit restriction of three messages on me today is suck unfortunately:( I know I like to try again to message people on apenpals website and I have to be patient until later, tomorrow or next week or so fortunately.I want to message or to talk to people on apenpals today and I have to wait until the limit of restrictions of three messages on me until…

LadyJona27, 19970422, Monon, Indiana, United States


you can still be my email pen friend today online. I know I will not be able to send messages to everyone on apenpals now unfortunately. I’m on restriction limit reach from communication on apenpals now. Because of being due of getting told to wait before sending a message to anyone on apenpals soon online or I will have to be a silver membership to pay for $9.95 if I have to or not soon. I will be getting my own bank card account soon when I turn 30 for the next 3 years or so. I will wait until…

Djay001, 19890612, Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria


Divorce is okay, breaking up is okay,moving on is okay,being alone is okay. What’s not okay is staying where you’re not valued and appreciated It's essential to prioritize our own well-being and happiness. While divorce, breaking up, moving on, and being alone can be difficult transitions, they can also be necessary steps toward finding fulfillment and being in a healthy, supportive environment. Staying in a situation where we are not valued and appreciated can have detrimental effects on o…

checkix, 19661202, Ntcheu, Ntcheu, Malawi

Education promargins

If anyone would very much like to excel in life he or she may not do so if from birth no education was tied around him or her ....I Imagine how poor would one be failing to express real feelings due to language problem as it were a conversation between an Englishphilanthropist with a poor African American or fellow European because he or she knows not how to read write or talking English which is not vernacular but must be learned. Many Africans are suffering untold misery as it were evident in…

Fraidesolomon, 20010321, Mosteiros, Fogo, Cape Verde

Dream friend email me i would always continue gathering all my dream friends in life , understanding to my friends,my partner though per now in single status is the best . never look at my profile and ignore me but to be since I have always written this in order to have many friends emailing me friends can change life it doesn't matter of you the age or gender but what matters is understanding and caring friend i will always and appreciate all my friends thank you God bless you a…

Fraidesolomon, 20010321, Mosteiros, Fogo, Cape Verde

Color doesn't matter email me we become friends.j am here today to clarify though most people have talked much about my darkness,, please let us be friends and get to learn much me and I get to learn from you let the age not affect you to become my friend the fact is that the age is the number personnel I am here to look for better and nice friends who understands the feeling of the friend and who is ready to be friend to me only thank you i love God your regards fraide Solomon

Fraidesolomon, 20010321, Mosteiros, Fogo, Cape Verde

Love love is sweet when understanding is common among the partners i see no reason why men or women should cheat but the best thing is to have understanding person the person commite to love you the way you are the person who is good at understanding the his or her partner is more better than any one love is kind and brings to people and place they never expected hey friend email me we talk much I am here for friendship please i do request do not hesitate to write me letter

Fraidesolomon, 20010321, Mosteiros, Fogo, Cape Verde

Beautifulness of a friend

Hey friend(whether female or male) it is beautiful to meet you , please accept me as a friend who will understand you , exchange with you and express our happiness with beautiful love email please email me only and only if you are ready to be my friend not to kill your boredom or to take time because you want to chat i am single and I will be Happy when meet with friends Don't fear my colour but you will like me our start may be slow but will be seriously in addition…

Fraidesolomon, 20010321, Mosteiros, Fogo, Cape Verde

Fear of lord is beginning of wisdom

I am here not embarrassed but Happy to meet and interact with friends respect of one another is nicer than any other thing please let us email or you send me a long message describing you on email me when you are ready to be my friend but not life SCAMMER I need all kinds of friends thank you i promise we shall learn much from each other and I like discussing all things because I still need to learn much we shall be open to each other , exchange of different knowledge and…

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