selvanrajan, 19680604, Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu, India

Agriculture is our culture

To,The Director,Publications Division,Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations,vis Delle Terme Di,Caracalla,00100 Rome , Italy.FromSir,Your take on Agriculture, it’s produce, implementation,infra structure, components, organic ,inorganic parts & soil , finally marketing have made me think ,observe & execute the plans accoring to resourses available to meet the ends.First & foremost , I must introduce myself . I am hailing from the city – Kumbakonam , known for it’s ric…

grunitzky, Kumasi, Ghana

Need a serious buddy

I need a buddy world wide. If you are reading this post, it means you are the person i need as a buddy. This is my whatsapp number +233546343566 send me message. Don't be shy. We can be the best buddy ever but it can begin with a single step of you sending hi. If you wouldn't mind because i wouldn't speaking with someone special as you.

DareMe, 19660109, Burbank, Illinois, United States

Embarassed by a Fetish

Hi, ok so I am a young yet close to middle age guy. Fun loving it usually pass for 35 yrs old, pretty normal guy. BUT, I have had a Fetish since like 15 yrs old. I always got turned on when play wrestling with girls/women when they would pin me down, sit on me with their knees on my arms. Loved it. Later, it progresses thru girlfriends to where we've done it in undies and topless or in tshirts. The finish is pretty close BUT now to win they have to pin me down and sit on my face until I giv…

Agnestruth, 19870328, Los Angeles, California, United States

Visa work Permit for USA Canada Australia UK

We are the world number one solution when it comes to the processing and production of documents online like passports, id cards, green cards, visas, resident permits, IELTS, GMART and many other documents for the whole world. We advise anybody who needs any type of documents to search no more once you find us. We are the best and unique producers of any kind of documents in the world we work with insiders in the government in different countries and you don’t need to visit any country before yo…

Success8, 19760708, Monrovia, Montserrado, Liberia

# Music the food of the soul

Music and soul are two inseparable couple that dwells n a home. That home is incomplete without the other. is anyone frustrated, tired or happy ! Play some music even animals ,gods and the Almghty are thrilled by the melody from a singer voice and has no option but to listen, sway and bless the singer . Music is the food of the soui ,an enrtgizer to the spirit and a medicine for the body;it all depends on the kind of music you and I listen to.Inspirational music is best for downhearted person wh…

Udesire4, 19990718, Miami, Florida, United States

looking for an good sub guys!!serve me well and let me fulfill your fantasy!

F 21, I am a dominant mistress and I'm looking sub to have fun with serve me and In return I take care of you with rewards, I'll make your dreams come true, I offer to walk you through your wildest fantasies as I am seeking sub to own!I Want You To Be Thrilled In Pleasing Me.. I Need You To Be Obedient Im a Dominant female seeking for a loyal and sincere submissive sub/slave for an unlimited pleasure! i will make sure you never forget me P.S. Serious Sub/Slave should contact me, I'…

AJ9138, 19790617, Norristown, Pennsylvania, United States


Hello I'm new here from the States. Looking for online Pen Pals to chat with and show pictures. This is one of many Landscape series I've taken. I'll post more as I go along. Please enjoy this picture for now. I await everyone's input. Thank you. Obese send whatever photos you may have. What exactly do you women like in a man?

qwakumensah28, 19800521, Accra, Greater Accra, Ghana

Friends are the best

You always need a friend you can trust in life to share and to assist in time of difficulty, it refreshes to help one in need and fulfilling when successfully done. The essence of life is basically to love and be loved without which it will not be worth living, no man they say is an island and for that matter cannot live independently of others who care. Seeking the well being of others is the best thing anyone conscious of life can and must endeavour to do because of the benefits it brings to o…

Ais, 19870602, Suva, Central, Fiji Islands

Seeking foreign pen pals online

Hi... I' am not much of a writter or blogger... I dont even know how to or where to begin, so if you are reading this... hullo to ya... hope this whatever this is will be something you'll be laughing at or just ignore which ever the case good on ya... so like it or leave its just the begining of a great journey... happy blogging y'all...

emilyava, 19951223, Alexandra, General, Singapore

single lady with no kids looking for true love

I’m Jane, single lady with no kids looking for true love, happiness , the man to spend the rest of my life with. Just want that special one to share special moments with and build a beautiful family empire with. I’m ready for a long lasting relationship forever. Let’s get to know each other and see how it goes. so we can get to really know each other and share pics as well. I am actually looking for male pen pals in this country or around the world such as North America, Europe, Africa or Asia r…

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