GentleWarrior1, 19481025, Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States


NO MEDICAL PROBLEMS NO BILLS! 75% GET MIRACULOUS RECOVERY FROM HEART ATTACKS! Verified by the F.D.A.Feel 20 years younger 5 seconds after taking 200 mg! If you don't it's a danger sign showing you're about to have a heart attack/If you have kidney problems this causes knife-like pain.As this is a compilation of medical facts and independent research follow every caution. We are not responsible if you miss something.Helps in 75%-80%: Lupus, stops diabetic blindness, vision deterior…

GentleWarrior1, 19481025, Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States

Hawaii starts my adventure!

Romance Fun & Wisdom©Doug Miura May 9, 2020 In December of 1986 a Buick ran a red light and cut my car in half and I was taken to the UCLA teaching hospital. Upon waking I was still clad in my bloody clothes because they were using me as a lesson. It was disappointed to occasionally opening my eyes and see the hospital ceiling. When I finally did re-gain consciousness I could neither walk nor talk and just a babble of sounds came out. Memorial Hospital…

Nature Adventure!

Nature Adventure!

Here's a tale about an adventure I had years ago. The springs at Big Sur is a three-hour hike but I used to take three days to get there. I would eat dried food and sleep on the trail. However, I discovered a very good reason to stop my slumbering place. The last time I was there something unusual taught me a good lesson. I was sleeping on the trail in my bag when I awoke to a growling sound. I switched my flashlight on and bobcat was a foot from my head. I saw wild eyes and in a snarling r…

GentleWarrior1, 19481025, Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States

Get Excitement Fun and Improve Your Life!

Louise thought that giving attractive men blow jobs would get them to date her but she was wrong. We met through a singles magazine & went dancing. We had a great time and went to my apartment where she tried the same thing with me. Afterward she told me about her failures and I told her, "Try looking up 5 new things to do everyday until something catches your attention. After she went home she tried it until she found something and investigated it further. She found that pottery sounde…

GentleWarrior1, 19481025, Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States

Stop Attacks

A person attacked every 3 seconds, 1.3 rapes per minute. Serial killer Ted Bundy abducted victims using his van so if one’s by your car be alert. Get in through the passenger side or have someone watch you enter your car. Psychotic killers are obsessed with looking for women in their cars 24/7. Buckle up and go or make the headlines! Victims, 1/10 prosecute and recover almost over-night; because prosecution win or lose makes them feel like they didn't just take it. Victims visit t…

Hello, I’m Doug and I’m very friendly!

Hello, I’m Doug and I’m very friendly!

Smiling a lot makes people get happy too and it already brightened your day didn’t it? I love to cook and just went to what we call a pot-luck. It is where people gather to eat and everyone brings a different pot of food. If 35 couples show up there are 35 dishes for a roomful of eaters! My dish was shrimp cooked in garlic, salt, honey, lemon and butter then folded into spicy tomato noodles. Everybody loved it and you will too!Here is poetry I wrote for Sara,My Best FriendYou’re the 1st thing I…

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Okeey... New to this, but I'll give it a try.I'm not happy... The "bird-cherry" outside my kitchen window is turning yellow, ALREADY!! :-(I don't want this fab summer to end, not NOW at least! I've enjoyed this HOT, sunfried, WONDERFUL summer in all it's glory despite my work colleagues huffi'n and puffi'n and complaining. But was, as always, too short! We had a late spring and a frying summer... and the fall seems to get all damp and cold, just like…

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all things are relative to your point of view and with that in mind only your can can effect your own reality and its those perceptions that shape your reality.

fantasy01, United States

Intimacy & Seniors

I hear younger people say that when we become seniors that we no longer want intimacy. That is so far from the truth although I have to admit that when I was young I thought the same thing. Now I know better.

mangosea57, Tampa, United States

Express garden

We will find many people in the garden some will be there to tend the garden some will be there to plant the garden and some will be there to pull out the weeds. Now you must ask yourself what kind of gardener are you and what will you sow into someone else life.

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