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Posted on 11/26/2016

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"Hello" from Beautiful Oregon, USA.
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I am looking for some fun and intelligent conversation with persons who can chat about everything and nothing and who enjoy the funny and the absurd as well as the serious and profound. I am particularly looking for some gal-pals my own age to gal-chat with (that would be 40-65. I am not looking for romance or 'sexting' if that's what they call it or the like, just some good gal-pals to get to know, and have fun convo-chats with. I am happy to email, message, chat and will even venture to snailmail, however, my schedule is pretty full so timing with SM may not always be the best. Would love to hear from some UK, French, Italian or other Western European or Eastern European women. I would enjoy exposure to other languages and cultures, but if you cannot speak and write English fluently and well, we might not be able to understand each other, at least, not at first.

I have interest in almost everything but am focusing on photography and business at the moment. I love to read, I have my own 'library' and can chat intelligently about almost anything including history and alternative history, current events, astronomy, astrology (and the occult generally), philosophy, literature, movies, music (mostly classical and ), art and just about anything else you might like to think of.

If anything here sounds interesting, drop me a line and we'll begin.

I do not want to hear from men from Africa, the Middle East or Central and South Americam nothing personal, but we have nothing in common and I do not have the time. By the way...I am NOT interested in receiving money requests, or hearing about your…. etc that needs an operation and will I just send $10 or whatever dollars to help out. The answer is unequivocally 'NO' and "Get a F-------g job you frigging money grubber bastards!' DO NOT SOLICIT ME. I will only respond to genuine emails for friendship, the rest of you will find the way to the spam basket and good riddance.
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