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I am actually 18, and I am simply seeking people to talk to by postal mail - for me to have some people who are outsiders from my friends and family who I can trust. Granted, if we write we may end up being good friends through mail. I honestly have no idea, this if my first time seeking and actually acting upon my desire to have pen pals. I love writing and receiving letters, to me - writing is literally a dying art because no one anymore takes the time to write letters and get envelopes all stamped and labelled with addresses ready to go unless it involves business stuff.

I write to my grandma a lot, and it's just a nice feeling for me to literally write letters to me, because so much can be easily said in writing regarding your emotions, feelings, desires, and well everything is easier to understand when it is in writing. It's hard to explain for me - in short I'm a reading nerd. I have over almost 100 books, easily. And I'm still getting more. I'm a hoard when it comes to books and letters from people I trust.

I love working with animals, and I hope soon to become a Dog Rehabilitator like Cesar Milan and open a dog/cat shelter based off of the TV show Pit Bulls & Parolees - where I give inmates second chances as well as giving cats and dogs second chances at finding their fur-ever home. For the shelter animals, I plan on working with them hands-on until they are Home Ready to be adopted by people. With me working with them it will make them have a greater potential of finding a home because the dogs will be trained for basic behavior.

I'm an Agnostic Wiccan Christian, as in I don't care what people believe (you do you, and I do me). I bond better with animals and nature which is why I am Wiccan (I can tell you more about Wicca if we mail each other), and I am Christian because I believe in something high up - I just don't call it God - but I still attend church and listen to Joyce Meyer and other amazing Christian teachers due to their ability to bring out amazing life tips to help anyone become a better person.

I live with my grandparents currently, and I have my two kitties outside with plenty enough food supply and a box, which I call the Cat Box, for them to sleep in at night - especially in this cold weather. My grandparents aren't fond of cats or dogs, so I'm not allowed keeping my kitties inside sadly. And inside, I have a 10 gallon aquarium currently with three goldfish in it, I plan on adding four more goldfish - from my friend who gave me the first three goldfish. Along with the goldfish I plan on adding a Loach fish or two to help with bottom tank maintenance. Sadly, I can't add anything really exciting with goldfish. So I have no idea when I can change my tank over to something more exciting, because I'm a believer in that of letting animals live their course of life until they naturally die.

Anyways, that's enough paragraphs about me. So, message me if you are interested in being a Snail Mail Pen Pal with me! :)
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5' 5"
Light Brown
Caucasian (white)
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With parents, With pets
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Somewhat shy, Social Butterfly, Better in small groups, Comic Relief
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Couch Potato, Reality show addict, Sitcoms, Dramas, Movies, Documentaries, Channel Hopper, TiVo is my best friend
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Single / Never married
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Not sure
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High School Grad
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I'll tell you later
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Friendly, Clever / Quick Witted, Dry / Sarcastic, Campy / Cheesy, Goofy
Arts, Community Service, Dancing, Movies, Listening to Music, Photography, Reading, Religion, Theater, Cooking, Computers / Internet, Crafts, Playing Music
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