Senkosi: Man in South Africa Seeking Pen Pals

  • Last seen a couple of years ago
Richards Bay, South Africa
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seeking mail penpals
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Time is running out; Jesus is coming very soon, not far from today, yet the world is hit by a fierce storm
of ignorance and is at the same time sinking deeper into deeper confusion. It has no solutions to its ever
escalating challenges and problems. It is faced by ever increasing critical questions to which it fails to give answers.
Time is not waiting for it. The questions must be answered today and now. I know the answers and the source
of required critical solutions. The world however has the right of choice; whether it chooses life or death, it's up to it, but
the time left, is very short. The time to take the right action is now. The question is; do you know what the right
action is? As for me I know !!!!!!!.

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