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Elgin, United States
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College grad
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seeking any penpals, friendship, and/or relationship
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Well, to start with, over the years, since I was a teen, I really enjoyed meeting people through writing letters and forming lasting friendships. I have never lost that desire and would like to meet some new people and become good friends. And if something more than friendship develops naturally, I am for that as well. I am light-hearted and deep, playful and serious, and emotional and consistent, with a sense of humor that usually is centered around making up puns and other forms of quirkiness. I really enjoy the arts and spend most of my spare time doing artistic activities, such as song-writing, singing, playing piano, drawing/painting, photography, making videos, decorating clothing, and making jewelry, unless I am out shopping with my mom or being with friends. Hm...I'm trying to figure out what else to write that won't sound too wordy. I'm not the best conversation-starter, but I can usually keep a subject going. I believe in being truthful, sincere, and respectful and would like someone who would treat me the same way. I would appreciate someone who is loyal, decent, consistent, and someone I can trust. I am willing to do either email or snail mail, or both, or meeting in person if we get on well together. I usually start with email, just so I can build a trusting friendship with the person before giving out my address. I look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you.

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