Maybe one day!

hi to tell you about myself

well I'm not the luckiest man on this site

but I try everyday with hope while I say to myself maybe to day is my lucky day so I come up and check my inbox but no luck, it don't sit well but I don't give up, everyday the same hope still nothing

i know there's alot of you who feel like giving up on hope but you dont, day by day you come on site but with no luck.

hope is the one thing that make a human to go on, with all the disappointments life throws at us we just go ahead try and hope, it's sad to know that there's so many lonely people in the world but still we don't take what we need and fill that loneliness with someone who is looking for the same hope as what we are.

No we give one look at a person's profile with out putting ourselves in that person's life we judge and just move to the next profile and still he or she don't have what you looking for.

He or She don 't look perfect enough or don't look like they have the standards that you have or want, 5 out of 100 people will be lucky but 95 people will never fit to that standards to fine or feel lucky to get that chance to at least feel that hope has knock on their door.

out of that 5 People 3 will not last a week and the 2 one will have luck that it will work out for them.

So I ask myself this black one thing, why do we think we do better with other people and that hope is all about having that one person in you you're life? That maybe will never be...

lets just give someone the chance and stop judging people by appearances or status, who knows maybe that is the one.

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