10 reasons why we should have penpal friends

Best friends will be the people beside us when we are lonely, bring us endless joy and moreover, they are always the ones who can lend us shoulders, share our feelings with us.

Here are 10 reasons why we should all have a friend or pen pals:

1. Always bring a new perspective of life

It is easy to get stressed or get into a state of anxiety when you feel stuck on certain problems and can't find a solution. Your best girlfriend is the person you need most right now. They can give you a new perspective on the difficult problem as well as make your mood feel better and happier. So, go to your best girlfriend every time you fall into a crisis to share difficult things and problems. Surely you will receive new ideas and solutions.

2. Always listen and understand

Girls are more likely to listen more and deeply than boys. It's great to have a boyfriend who knows how to listen to all of your problems and give helpful advice. But sometimes, there are things you can't confide in, such as the feeling of pregnancy, questions about "sex story" or gossip about fashion. All of which you will feel more comfortable talking to your best girlfriend.

3. Bring joy and laughter

Sometimes you want to giggle while gossiping about famous people or reading fashion magazines. These are the best activities you should do with your close girlfriends. Believe us, girlfriends will always mind better than guys in the entertainment aspect.

4. Is a solid spiritual support

A close friend will definitely be a solid spiritual support for you. When you have an important decision to make, if you feel restless and anxious and don't know why, talk to your best friend and she will make you feel a lot better.
great best friend

5. Shopping

Let's face it, most men hate shopping. For guys, walking around the mall is nothing short of exciting and he will always complain, complain and even threaten to leave you there if you don't quickly pick up a sweater. long-sleeved. But your girlfriend will try them out with you many times as well as take a walk around the mall to make sure you don't miss anything prettier.

6. Emotional connection

Whether close friends live in the same neighborhood or elsewhere in the country, they can make your life happier. By chatting via video apps, messaging, email, or via social media, they can share everything in life with you even if they are far away.

7. Unconditional help

No one is perfect and sometimes we feel sorry for what we did or wish we could get better. A close girlfriend is willing to forgive no matter what mistakes you make, or your bad manners. One of the most cherished things about having a best friend is that they are there for you no matter what you are.
great best friend

8. Sincere comments

Whether she advises you not to wear that dress while walking the streets or not to hang out at the bars at night, all of these are sincere suggestions. Your best friend always wants you to be happy, happy and will definitely give you the best advice when you go astray.

9. Increase confidence

Are you feeling depressed and tired? She will be with you and say everything is fine. Do you feel like you're gaining weight? Your best friend will say that you look great with no shame. What could be better than when there is always someone with you to comfort and confidently overcome the difficulties in life.

10. Help you grow up

Another important reason to need a close friend is that they'll broaden your awareness. You just live and work or study according to daily habits, but sometimes your best friend will bring you new things in life, such as making a new dish, becoming familiar with a subject. do some sports or find out and meet many other friends. These are the factors that help you grow in life.

Therefore, each person should find themselves a best friend so that they can share all the difficulties and challenges in life.

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