Men in the church caught my attention

Men are warthogs

I have been attending this church for the last six weeks, for the first time I have attended church constantly since I started making my own decisions, it is something, I don’t recall appearing to church last year. I have started the year well. Am not about to tell you to start attending church though you should.

Men in the church caught my attention, I noticed that they received a flyer every Sunday, you probably thinking it’s the service program, no its not! It’s a lyric flyer, you saying its okay to have one, why don’t women get one if it is OKAY? Men are handed because many don’t master even the simplest of lyrics.

It clicked, men are said to be so forgetful, have to read while they sing, some have been in church for more than ten years and have to refer while singing the same songs every Sunday, every month, every year, what is the problem with their memory? Really.

You want to confirm that men are forgetful? Ask your boyfriend your birthday date or anniversary date he will fumble, pretend to think and still not get it right, he forgot the minute you told him.

Ask a woman and they will tell you the actual time, date, day you met on your first date, how you were two seconds late, the color of clothes you wore but a man will say, all they remember is that you were not naked.

Rejoice not If he calls you babe all the time, he probably has forgotten your name too, scatter-brains like warthogs.

We know that men don’t keep records of a lot of things but it is not funny anymore that some of you cannot tell the classes your kids are in; we forgive you for not remembering their birthday dates and ages but level of education that is ridiculous.

You diligently do your work of paying fees and providing the necessities which are thankful for but what is the use if you can’t keep track of their progress.

It’s only a dad who will call you after hearing a doctor vacant position to ask you apply, you have to remind him that you studied soil science and even before the month ends, he calls you, happily telling you how his friend wants to connect you with a job in the bank.

Now, do banks recruit animal husbandry and soil science experts? You ask him irritated and immediately ask him to stop bothering because next time he will connect you with pilots.

You thank him for trying.

A man is capable of forgetting flat his wedding day, can you imagine? If it were not for the grooms who reminds him that it is his wedding day and he rushes to get a haircut in the morning, the very same morning of his wedding! Who does that?

Careless they are, they actually don’t care, I think. Some will argue that they don’t take things with the seriousness they ought to or maybe they are caught up with a lot of things or have important things to worry about.

Whatever it is, we don’t want know.


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