My first entry... friends only ^^

I stumbled upon this site. I am hoping to find some friends. I am not looking for a relationship or even flirting. I am a happily married woman just looking for a friend or two. ^^

I'm not exactly sure of what to write, plus I don't think I want to regurgitate my very forward profile entry. In truth I am actually very shy.

I'm pretty much looking for either some very like-minded people, or at least some very non-judgmental and accepting folks to talk to. I'm not too interested in the mainstream world, nor do I follow current trends. I'm not quite updated to a lot of what is happening in the current world.

I work at home, so I tend to spend all my time in the office and the kitchen. A lot of it is in front of the computer with my work related things in front of me. It tends to get a little lonely. My husband is out of work at the moment, so he stays home with me, but I know this can't last forever.

It's not easy to make friends because my personal schedule has always been to wake up from 3-6pm and stay awake during the dark hours.

I'm also a little weird. My lifelong enjoyments have been: Lolita, Goth, and Historical Clothing; Corsets; Strawberries and Chocolate; Sushi and rice based sweets; Hello Kitty; Coffins; Manga; Lenore; and Creating (sewing, crafts, drawing)

My goals right now are to get well, sew more, learn Japanese, and to work on my business. Other than that my lifelong goals are to do my best at art, sewing, and cooking. Perhaps one day gain more confidence so I can fully accomplish all my goals and dreams.


Hi hun my name is tami just whated to leave you a message i am looking for new friends on here to and i throught your message was ok so i lefted you a message dont know what to put at the morment as i have only just signed up to this pen pal thing so i hope you get my message and i would be greatful if you sent me ine back thanks tami

cutieQ, United States

hi i want to be friends with people and im very weird but goofy and very fun hahaha

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