Stop Attacks

A person attacked every 3 seconds, 1.3 rapes per minute. Serial killer Ted Bundy abducted victims using his van so if one’s by your car be alert. Get in through the passenger side or have someone watch you enter your car. Psychotic killers are obsessed with looking for women in their cars 24/7. Buckle up and go or make the headlines! Victims, 1/10 prosecute and recover almost over-night; because prosecution win or lose makes them feel like they didn't just take it.

Victims visit to or call 800-656-4673-24/7 chat one-on-one with a trained RAINN support specialist any time 24/7. 78% of rapes by someone victims trusted so don't let deliverymen in. Tell them "Leave the packages in front of the door with the paperwork and step way back & I'll sign." Watch them and sign, then watch them until they drive away but if they stall call 911!" 1.3 rapes per minute! If on the street be very vigilant, 9/10 of attacks from behind. Always walk against traffic and watch for stalkers in cars. If threatened I hide my hand and say, “I have a gun!” Multiple attackers in a van have burned rubber fleeing!

If an attacker grabs your arm, quickly twist it towards his thumb, while using your arm against his thumb. Immense attackers simultaneously jab your held arm’s elbow at him and the leveraged movement frees you. Get it right and your wrist will be free. Quickly bending knees brings you to crotch level and punching here is a black-belt tip. If you see a punch coming aimed at your face, bend your head down so he'll break his hand hitting the top of your head. You can also bend your elbow and use the shield formed to block blows. Surprise counter-attack! Press thumb against four fingers, hard, and you have the Kung Fu "Crane." Jab or swipe it quickly at your attacker’s eye, hard! If jabbing aim through your target, at the back of his head so when he pulls back you get his eye. Strike the front of neck, kidneys, balls, and stomach. Kick no higher than knees or he’ll grab your foot! Attack! Attack! Attack! Crowd him so he can’t hit you well, & weak points are vulnerable! Smash with your head, if you somehow miss. When his head goes back, crush his balls or throat hard.

Scream, "Fire! Fire!" and doors will open, not "Police!" or people hide. If you have to stab him, say you thought he had a weapon or he’ll say you attacked him & you go to jail! Rely on yourself in emergencies! Be sure and call 911 first, the police will not listen to the 2nd caller!

If you were raped the only thing that will work is a gun you will freeze with self-defense. Saying “I have a gun!” has always worked for me. If you see a stalker don't go home, 50% raped at home. Call 911 or, go to the police station, go to a public building saying, “I have a gun *hole!” has always worked for me.

Search self-defense videos for live demonstrations and practice these tips.

Disclaimer, usage is only for those capable of successful execution.

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