Hawaii starts my adventure!

Romance Fun & Wisdom©Doug Miura May 9, 2020 https://gentlewar.wixsite.com/mysitenow

In December of 1986 a Buick ran a red light and cut my car in half and I was taken to the UCLA teaching hospital. Upon waking I was still clad in my bloody clothes because they were using me as a lesson. It was disappointed to occasionally opening my eyes and see the hospital ceiling.
When I finally did re-gain consciousness I could neither walk nor talk and just a babble of sounds came out. Memorial Hospital in Long Beach is where my care was taken next. Treatment here was excellent but the severity of my injuries required my transfer to a rehab where I stayed for nine months. At the end of the time I
put on a suit and checked into a hotel in Long Beach where I met Lei. Conversation took us to my room where we spent the night. I asked in the morning, “What are you doing later?” “Nothing, why?” she responded. “I thought we could fly to Hawaii after we check out,” I said. “I have a ton of luggage.” she said only half believing me.
“The hotel will check it” I assured her, so after breakfast we took a cab to the mall. I bought a backpack and filled it with two masks, snorkels and fins. Now I was all set to fly, so Hawaii here we come! It was December and we were dressed in summer clothes under jackets. After we landed walking off the plane and directly to a taxi came next. We were checked into our hotel within a few minutes after landing and after changing into swimming gear we boarded the bus. Our destination was Hanauma Bay, but before we went I bought some bags of frozen vegetables.
When we got there I tied a bag of veggies to her waist and as we entered the water shaking vegetables into it brought fish swarming! Without another word she was off off! Swimming through clouds of hungry fish had her shaking bag after bag of vegetables empty and before they ran out she disappeared for the next three hours. I saw her crawling out of the water and went to her. “I’m so tired that I can’t stand up!” she gasped.
“Wow that was the best thing I ever did!" Showering back at our room had her falling onto our bed in collapse. Incredibly tired would be the best description for Lei. “You rest and I’ll be here at the hotel.” I said. But she protested, denying that she was tired so we were off again to more adventure. We spent the whole day having fun and that night found us alone, sitting under a tree. A big black man walked up and asked, “How are you two?” My bluff, “I have a gun!” had the mugger walking away.
We retired early because of having such a full day and in the morning we awoke refreshed and raring to go. We went window-shopping at 7:30 and another mugger walked up. I put my hand into my beach coat’s pocket and barked, “I’ll blow your head off if you don’t split! Get out of here asshole!” Isolation bring bad guys always but it piqued our appetites. We returned to the hotel where breakfast was being served.
We were seated and I asked the people at the next table, “Are you having a good time?” Glazed eyes, huge smiles and hysterical laughter burst out! My curiosity prompted me to ask, “Where are you from?”The reply, “Germany,” had me envisioning several feet of snow as we sat in the tropical warmth. We were having a great time but going back to Long Beach was next on our agenda. “We have to go home now.” was accepted with surprisingly little protest from Lei.
After we landed she wanted to visit her sister Jackie in Washington State. Since I had used up my credit we went to store, bought a gas can and a map. Going to a freeway onramp I told her, “You hold the can and we’ll get a ride.” Picture what drivers saw; a man in a suit with a beautiful oriental woman holding a gas can. The next car stopped. “Get in!” was the opened door invitation. “Where’s your car?” the natural question.
After we got in I said. “We’re not driving.” “Then why the gas can?” he asked. “Why’d you stop?” my reply got loud laughter bursting from his lips! The whole book Romance Fun & Wisdom downloads from the link!


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