Feel 20 years younger 5 seconds after taking 200 mg! If you don't it's a danger sign showing you're about to have a heart attack/

If you have kidney problems this causes knife-like pain.
As this is a compilation of medical facts and independent research follow every caution. We are not responsible if you miss something.
Helps in 75%-80%: Lupus, stops diabetic blindness, vision deterioration. Stops most type 2 or B diabetes in a day. It makes you feel good immediately... stops physiological failure. depression. "These are my “joy pills!” said Hazel. (100mg/daily.) Stops most allergies, bleeding problems, doubles metabolism so energy explodes and the grossly heavy, lose weight without dieting, helps MS, eliminates most problems of old age, 300mg daily for three weeks rebuilds heart tissues, stops angina, & adds vitality to life span. 100 mg/day drops blood pressure 5 points in a day, 20 in a week,

`Radical improvement in 75% with type B/ Type II diabetes, in one day! 30 mg/meal 3 times per day, morning flat 90! Then (120 mg daily. Stops most bleeding or blood clotting problems, eliminates blindness in diabetics, doubles disease resistance, Lupus great improvement!

At 70 my dad had 3 heart attacks, then open heart surgery. Q-10,

gradual exercise, increased workouts with a walker exercise machine then, a mini-trampoline got great results! “I’m in better shape now that when I was 40!” bespoke of a healthier life! He loves it too!

Exercising with a fan and TV on, great! You sweat but it evaporates and cools you naturally. Much healthier than an overheated body dripping with perspiration! 75% feel yrs. younger!), betters most allergies, asthma, gum disease, Physiological depression stops, “These are my joy pills!” Marge burst out.
75% of heart patients APPLAUD!! After a heart attack DrmWvr8 felt weak as a baby. 300 mg/daily for 3 weeks. NORMAL AGAIN!!
People that are in excellent shape die of heart attacks daily. If they don’t have a full store of Q-10. Any form of EXTREME EXERCISE WILL EVENTUALLY KILL THEM.
Thousands of clinical studies concluded that deficiencies of CoQ-10 factor in heart problems. It’s your system’s battery! 75% of heart patients had large deficiencies of CoQ-10 in their heart tissue, and 75% of them given CoQ-10 got MIRACULOUS RECOVERY!

Patients with only days to live had a relatively small amount of CoQ10 added to their diets. Over 70% survived for a year and 62% were still living after two years.

Angina & Heart,Angela's boyfriend's father had a bad heart. It was so bad, that he had to have a bench to rest on, both to and from his doctor prescribed exercise sessions. He would have angina attacks regularly. 3-4 times daily. They totally stopped after taking 300mg/day for three weeks!
75% get 0 attacks, totally gone! 300 mg daily for about 3 weeks rebuilds heart tissues. 120-200 mg normal usage

John, of Long Beach, took nitroglycerine for his heart. He already had bypass surgery and had angina attacks
After taking 300 mg co-enzyme Q-10, for about 3 weeks, he no longer needed nitro and ceased to have angina attacks. In fact, when his doctor saw how he no longer used it, said that he would give him his free samples, for emergencies as a precaution. Oddly enough, he told John, “I don t think the Q-10 is the reason your attacks have stopped.” “Should I quit taking it then?” he asked. “Oh no! You just keep taking them.” immediately came back! John had quit deep-sea fishing, because he just physically could no longer do it. Now his activities expanded to include it. It was just as if he had gotten younger! If you take 300 MG and feel nothing you are in extreme danger of having a heart attack.

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