Swim In 10 Minutes

Todd's mother had been taking him to swimming lessons for a month when she spoke to me. "He still can't swim and I don't know what to do." Juanita told me. I said, "Bring him to my place tonight & I'll see what can be done." They soon arrived at my place and after Juanita left we both changed into swimming trunks. We walked into the pool and I told him, "I'm going to teach you how to float, OK? Relax and lie on your back and I'll hold you up." I told him. He commenced to do so and floated with my arms at his back. "That's it just keep your head in the water and relax."

I gradually took my physical contact away and kept speaking. "How are you doing?" I said. "Fine Dad." he said. You've been floating by yourself for the last few minutes when I took my hands away.. Now if you ever get tired when swimming just float OK? Wow, that's pretty good!

He did it over the deep end of the pool and went from non-swimmer to strong swimmer in 10 minutes! After we played for a while I called his mother to come pick him up. When she walked in I threw Todd in and got a horrified look of distress.Todd swam out at once and we all had a big laugh! I taught 4 kids how to swim this way and Matthew Hunt's brother learned by just watching. Now you have a simple way for a patient understanding friend to teach swimming. Remembering your fears as a non-swimmer is an important consideration.

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