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Posted on 10/08/2017

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A Relationship
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V95 K
Looking for my twin flame
In my own words:
I'm an introvert/eccedentesiast/nyctophile/pluviophile/selenophile/ceraunophile/philoclast and demisexual.
I'm a creative writer/artist/spiritual teacher/healer, English by birth but now living in Ireland, and tired of being alone in a town that has over 100 pubs/clubs, and I don't drink!!! :-0
I live with a family of cats, have fun every day, do volunteer work for an animal charity, and am a part-time falconry teacher (I have an owl).
I LOVE sci-fi/fantasy, have a wide taste in music/movies, have no time for game players, am emotionally stable/available, enjoy intimacy, am a good conversationalist, intelligent, open-minded, love learning new things every day, and live the simple, uncomplicated life of a dedicated peasant, taking pleasure from all the small things in life.
I'm looking for someone creative/artistic, who shares my love of sci-fi/fantasy, who loves cats/animals, and who is looking for more than just a long distance/virtual relationship, who is willing/able to meet me within a short space of time, and who is willing/able to permanently relocate to Ireland in order to create a loving relationship with me.
Serious replies only, with photo, and highly detailed letter, as one line letters are not welcome.
Any letter not addressing me by my first name will be immediately deleted.
I HATE, LOATHE & DESPISE red roses, chocolates and stuffed toys, so any photo's sent to me containing images of such items will be immediately deleted and the addressee blocked from my email account.
Absolutely NO Africans/Turkish need reply to this profile ad.

As I'm sick and tired of idiots sending me one line messages, asking "How are you..." etc, from now on, I will simply delete all such missives, and only reply to those who send highly detailed letters, expanding on our mutual interests, and from people who have profile photo's available.
I don't do "Chat" so don't ask me for one, as you'll be wasting your time.
I'm here seriously looking for someone who knows how to write lengthy letters daily, if you are not able to say anything interesting about yourself, or just aren't up for a mature friendship/relationship, DO NOT contact me.

I'm looking for a woman who can make me laugh uncontrollably at silly things, who loves holding hands in public, who talks to ME when we're together, and not constantly updating her Fbook/Twitter status, but who knows that the way to keep me interested in her is to show interest in me.
I love laughter/smiles, having fun, and am light-hearted/naturally happy by nature, although it has taken a supreme effort on my behalf to stay positive through life, due to outside influences affecting me physically/emotionally/spiritually.
I am evolved, intelligent, easy-going, live my life in LOVE not fear, and won't "settle" for second best, so I go for long periods alone, as I would prefer to wait for someone of QUALITY, who is right for me, and not just be with someone for the sake of not being alone.
I like and need to be alone at times, as I am an introvert/Libra, and people drain me quickly, with all the self-inflicted drama they seem to think I can help them with, so please respect the fact that some days, I am much better left alone than being pestered for letters/texts/phone calls, as I need time to recharge and refresh myself, and any interruption of that time can have explosive results.
I don't enjoy a lot of the things most people indulge in in today's materialistic society (I haven't watched TV since 1969, have NO interest in sport, don't follow "celebrity" people, and much, much more, so I can be a hard act to keep up with at times, as dragging me into the un-real world can seem like the labours of Syssiphus itself.
I have "old fashioned" morals/values (I show people respect, treat ALL women gently, and listen to what's NOT said more than what IS said), and have no time for stupid people whatsoever.
Spiritual but not religious
Body type:
5' 7"
Living Situation:
With pets, Alone
Social Setting:
Comic Relief, Better in small groups, Flirt, Home Body
TV Watching:
I don't own a TV, Movies
Home and Family
Marital Status:
Single / Never married
Have Kids:
Want (more) kids:
Professional Life
Some College
Employment Status:
Work at home
Attend Services:
Political Views:
Not political
Sense of Humor:
Other, Raunchy, Obscure, Goofy, Dry / Sarcastic, Clever / Quick Witted, Friendly
Health / Fitness, Crafts, Computers / Internet, Cooking, Reading, Photography, Listening to Music, Movies, Arts
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