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Madrid, Spain
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a man with human fillings
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i am gorge hill , i am from spain , i am a football lover, i will like to have friends from all over the world expecially football lover's like me, I LOVE WATCHING FOOTBALL MATCHIES, I HATE SOME ONE WHO PLAY WITH MY INTELIGENT QWDXKJHJAkhbAJVBNJ,vjaGJKJaHJKAhjjaHJAhjaZHJBHMZnk;laqhkahjklaHJAjkaHKAhjkaHJJAhj,aHJKAjlkjlaN,,AnjlaJKLabjaJKHKAjAhjhkaJJAjkhjahjjaHJAjkaAk;jaKLAjk;AJKAl;kAL;Ajlkalakiahjnsahjgshndndgudsldljmdoodfnhwtwuoekreoprjejhhysyasjjwjhsuiswjklejeujejedjedejdejuerj rwjwrewjrju, i have two kids a boy and a girl.i will like to meet with poeple who are lively

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