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ur Father who art in heaven ...
GOD: Yes. Here I am ...

TU: ... Please do not interrupt me, I'm praying!
GOD: But you called me! ..

TU: I called? Do not call anybody. I'm praying .... Our Father who art in heaven ...
GOD: Oh! Are you again.

TU: How?
GOD: I call! You say: Our Father who art in heaven. I am here. How can I help you?

TU: But I did not want to say that. I'm praying. I pray the Lord's Prayer every day, I feel good and praying. It's like fulfilling a duty. And I do not feel good until it.
GOD: But how can you say Our Father without thinking that all are your brothers? How can you say you're in heaven, if you do not know that heaven is peace, that the sky is love at all? ...

TU: Is that really had not thought of that.
GOD: But ... your continued prayers.

TU: Hallowed be thy name ...
GOD: Wait there! What you mean by that?

TU: I mean ... I mean ... and what it means. How do I know? It's part of the sentence. Only that!
GOD: Hallowed means worthy of respect, holy, holy.

TU: Now I understood. But he had never thought about the meaning of the word holy. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, and on earth as in heaven ... "
GOD: Are you serious?

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