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Posted on 01/12/2013

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It's taken me a long time to figure out what I like and now that I know, why not just be real about it??? :)
Physically, I'm most attracted to a confident guy with a captivating smile who is cut (or has the drive and is working on getting there).....c'mon...I told you I'd be honest! HA! Honestly, the non-physical side of a guy is much more important to me. I'm attracted to affectionate, passionate, outgoing, smart, goal driven, and helpful guys who enjoy a great conversation. I'd love to find someone who enjoys spending time on the water.
When I asked my male friends to describe me, they call me stunning, energetic, confident, but still humble. I have a caring side, but an equally wild, but respectable edge. I fulfill "challenge junkie" side of my personality with work. I have big dreams that I'm not afraid to chase.
If you are comfortable and confident in who you are, can let loose and have a great time despite holding down a good career, can make me laugh, and bring tears to my eyes (the belly laugh and the sincere kind), we'd have a great time regardless of where things go. Apparently there are a lot of "damaged goods" on match. Per the men I've met, the pool appears to often be years older than stated, heavier, less "athletic and toned", submissive, lack affection, and don't iniate. Hopefully you've figured out by now that's not my style. I'm a genuine person, I don't claim to be or portray myself as anything I am not. I get what I want out of life because I'm not afraid to take risks and go after what I life and in love. I look forward to communicate by texting or emails before we finally meet in person.
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