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Posted on 05/31/2019

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am cool and a man of my word. i want a woman i can call my own and give sphere of importance. Family oriented. Spontaneous. Dont do drugs. I'm not the jealous type. Medium maintenance and appreciate the small things. I'm the most loyal woman you'll come across. I'll go through the hard times with you as long as you aren't a cheater and stay respectful. I do not cheat nor do I put myself in situations to make that a possibility so jealousy is a pet peeve. Trust, loyalty, respect, communication and a healthy sex life are all important in a relationship. Like the country men but country music... not so much. Apparently I am "weird" but I don't mind being a special edition lol. I can sing (sang lead vocals to classic rock and big band music in bands when I was younger for about 16 years off and on) and I can also drive... (used to race go karts on a dirt track and won a season championship against 13 men when i was younger). Into fitness, nutrition but love the greasy stuff too. Quote movies like Step Brothers and Dumb and Dumber when I'm acting stupid cause I can relate sometimes lol I'm a night person, find comfort in the darkness but enjoy a little sunshine as well. Get super excited about big thunderstorms (I go outside while tornado sirens are howling) I've been told by many that I can cook and I like cooking for people. Enjoy wood work when I have dremel tools, sand paper and paint. Kind of person who likes to (DIY). I don't know much about plumbing or electric but I can help with roofing and flooring.
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