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FAQs / Help - Free Pen Pals App & Online Pen Friends

Free Pen Pals App & Online Pen Friends would like to thank you for visiting and using this website to find friends, pen pals, love and even relationship. This page lists some common questions and answers to help you learn about it. If you have any question, please contact us Contact form below.

You can also submit a form from this contact us link to contact our team from America.

Before contacting us, please view all questions and answers below.

If you have found a date and/or a friend or pen pal from this penpals app and want to share with us, then please share your stories on the blog page. We're happy to hear your story.

How do I sign up a profile?

=>You just click on this link here or click on our logo go get to homepage, fill out the registration form and all required information. In Telephone field, you can enter your telephone (ONLY upgraded members can view your telephone). If you don't feel comfortable with it, then enter ***.

How do I login?

=> Click on Login, fill out your username and password. In case you don't remember your password, you can reset it. Then you will receive an email to reset your password.

How do I cancel my account?

=> Login, click on Setting by cursor on button on the right, click Cancel Account.

I have email but don't remember my Username?

=> You can use your email to login.

I logged on but can't send a message

=> Please upgrade to send a message

Can I write email / telephone in my profile?

=> In Telephone field, only upgraded members can see your phone number. You're not allowed to write email or telephone in your profile subject. Only you can write it in Telephone field.

How do I edit my profile?

=> Login. Click on My profile, Edit.

How do I change my email?

=> Login. Click on button on right. Setting, Change email.

How do I view my messages?

=> Click on Mailbox icon to read it.

Are my messages stored privately? Can anyone see them?

=> Only you can see the message. Of course, and Administrators.

How many messages can I send daily?

=> Upgraded members can send unlimited messages daily.

Can regular users read, send or reply messages?

=> Regular users can read and reply messages. But not send.

How do I find a perfect matchmaking singles?

=> Go to Search, click on Matchmaking

New Album - what can I write on Title and Description?

=> You can write any words relate to that picture

Billing Questions:

Is my account secured when transferring money by VISa/Master Card/Checking account?

=> We use popular Gateways Paypal and Stripe in America so your account is secured.

Do I pay extra fee when transferring money?

=> No

If you have any more question, then please post it below.

How can I upgrade to send unlimited messages?

=> Please click here and select one package.

Good luck and have a nice day!

Petetalk24, 19680709, Leicester, Leicestershire, United Kingdom

Just to let you all know that "moremepet" (labob5354@gmail.com) and also "mellissaqwkio" (mellissaetien@aol.com) are both scammers using other people's photos. Beware of these two.

Äron50, 19690807, Ribe, Ribe, Denmark

Philiphouk1967@gmail.com, philip.houk56564 & philipp056 are the same person who is a Turkish scammer, had stolen the pictures from retired US colonel, claiming his military officer in iraq. He taken a big amount of money from me. I still believe in Karma, God knows who you are " no heart & no conscience".

sunny49, 19590814, Felixstowe, Suffolk, United Kingdom

rousolove is a scammer

Damdoum, 19631210, Jarbah Mīdūn, Madanīyīn, Tunisia

لماذا تم حذف صوري...؟

Daso, 19870816, Siaya, Nyanza, Kenya

Who are this peoy who want to transfer money to others...am afraid

Rom, 19791009, Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria

I want to state here to let you all know that the bearers of the following names are CRONIC SCAMMERS AND DESTROYERS OF THE LIFE OF that WHIO WILL FALL VICTIMS INTO THEIR TRAPS: 1 gabriellecummings004: ortizgabrielle4444@gmail.com 2margie993 3: someone4man. 4 Freddie Harrison, 5:freyamargie, and Julian Becker... it can even be the same person acting under all these names.... many other scammers are on this platform. I suspect the admin of this platform. be vigilante and cAVAREFULL

Rom, 19791009, Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria

If all I am seeing here is about scammers, and the administrators haven't said anything or done anything about the scammers, that makes one think a lot about the administrators......My thought

mike3004, 19630824, Bridgwater, Somerset, United Kingdom

Leaving this site, nothing but scammers on here who want you to accept cash they found while in the forces for a cut.

Miki1993, 19930910, Paderborn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

This site is fake. There are too many people who want money, and people don't answer you.

gr8mechanic, 19820205, Boise, Idaho, United States

Can't post comments on anyone's profile yet can send them a message. Why is that?

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