i just registered now on this.please iam hoping in meeting some friends now, iam requesting.


seeking friends

im a collage student.i want to have a lot of friends around add me:annakay624@homail.comim waiting for u.. lol

chealz, Rochester, United States

So bored.

So this is my first entry, and im not sure what to talk about. So i think i will just tell you about my self. My name is Chelsey and im 18. I live with two roomates. I am a bonifide FagHag, and i love it. I am a big girl, more to love I say. I am not one of those girls that just like to meet people on the internet and hook up. As a matter of fact i don't like having one night stands, i think they are compleatly unemotional and cold. I think sex should be between people who love each other a…

legalnsweetgirl1, Newton, United States


hi girlies if ur bi or lez send me a note i want to hear from u

coolsweetlove, Canada

Every Other Day

I am praying that in the new year that my business will become more steady instead of on and off, what happened to the first few weeks of my business when I first opened where I made over $500 a week? I do pray that in the new year I will get like that again. For now it is just being patient and thankful for what is brought into my life, it is better to walk then run when you have your own business.


Asian pen pals seek international penpals for friends

Nice free penpals service that I registered my profile right away with hope to find international pen pals for friends, snail mail penpals, and else. Please drop me a line if you are looking for an Asian penpal like me.


I am looking for free snail mail pen pals in Asia

I found this free snail mail pen pals website and I posted my profile right away and hope to find a great snail mail pen pals whom we can exchange language, etc. Any Western or snail mail pen pals who are willing to write and email. If you are the right one, please drop me a line now. Thank you for reading my blog and hope you have a wonderful day.

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