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Labastide, 19530508, Caussade, Midi-Pyrénées, France
Caussade, Midi-Pyrénées, France
Living situation:
French male fond of Australia
About yourself:
After a short living in Australia, I laid down my suitcases in the Low hills area of Quercy in South of France. I still manage to welcome visitors and visit, discover my region here and I would like the same for Australia a few weeks a year ... or more??
Looking for:

I am a newly retired French male, living in Occitania and trying to share my passion of this largely unknown region of France. I am seeking an Australian female friend who would like practising her French language, write in French and eventually visit my country. Long term friendship prefered. Just spent 8 x months down under and say I love this country. Try to set up businesses across our two countries related to tourism and genuine toiletry products from Provence manufactured by a friend of mine.
Any Aussie partner is welcome.

Life is such that I am living alone, welcoming from time to time, friends, and past business partners and my Grand daughters 5 and 9 y.o . I would like to share my knowledge of this region with people interested to visit this ancient civilisation of Occitanie . See my FB page under my name: Henri STREF

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