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Bluediamond, Saint-Maur, France
Saint-Maur, France
French woman seeking female friends
Looking for:

My name is Marie-Helene, I'm French and 54. I am happily married with no children. I live in a city of 77.000 inhabitants, located at 10 minutes drive from Paris.

I am seeking female friends in order to talk about any kind of subject. I am open-minded and easy-going and I have a good sense of humor.
I am looking for WOMEN ONLY. Age 40-60. I will not reply to men so it is no use losing your time taking your chance.

I am interested in writing to people from:
- the USA (mostly the East)
- Argentina (I lived 4 years in Buenos Aires)
- All other Hispanic American countries
- Switzerland
- Austria
- All islands

Please: Only people from both Americas and Western Europe.

I had a terrible subway accident in 2010 and lost my right leg. I hope that this will not stop you from writing to me, as I am a very positive person; not sad or depressive at all. I don't spend my time crying over myself and complaining. I even consider that after such an accident, I am quite lucky. I am currently learning how to walk with a prosthesis and believe that I will soon be able to return to an "almost" normal life.

Before my accident, I used to work for the police as a translator at the Ministry of Interior. I translate all investigations into English, French & Spanish, as I am fluent in these languages. As my accident is a work accident, I did not lose my job. As soon as I will walk again, I will be able to go back to work.

I am a great animal lover and wish to get in touch with other animal lovers. My favorite is the cat. This is very important for me. My other interests include horror or drama movies, music (60s/90s pop music, rock, piano), travel, the beach, karaoke, exchanging ideas, jigsaw puzzles, browsing the Net, crosswords.
I also enjoy watching crime series and documentaries about anything on TV.
I like reading crime stories, unbelievable true stories, horror novels, books about haunted houses and a bit of history.

I do not like cooking, gardening, the countryside, sports, camping, crafts, scrapbooking or any handwork.

I was born catholic but am not into religion at all. However, I do respect others' opinions as far as they don't try to impose their ideas.

I hope to hear from you very soon, so that we can exchange ideas, talk about each other's life and become great friends!

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