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Rozay080, 19960705, Kassel, Hessen, Germany
Kassel, Hessen, Germany
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Seek Germany friends
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Looking for friends on signal only germany
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I love making twerking dancing video,single and never been married
I live in kassel

Drebb93, Kassel, Germany
Kassel, Germany
Language Exchange, friendships
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Hey there. I'm a 23 years old guy from Kassel, Hesse, Germany. I'm currently working / doing an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk at a plastic recycling and preparation Company. During leisure time I'm playing guitar as well as bass, moreover I'm the bassist in a pop-rock/pop-punk-band, what consists - in addition - of 3 friends of mine. Further I enjoy to watch movies/series with friends and I'm very interested in learning languages respectivly phrases and tricks to avoid common faults, which Germans always do, if they try speak English. There are some more hobbies, you'll get to know, if you want to.

Summarizing I'm looking for someone - maybe from the states, because I'd like to learn something about American English and culture - who is interested in correspondece - so that I'll improve my English skills while getting to know an interesting person - what maybe leads to a good friendship. Don't hesitate to write, if you are interested.

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