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TheOriginalPard, 19610807, Cerrillos, New Mexico, United States
Cerrillos, New Mexico, United States
Living situation:
With kids
I'd love to make more U.K. or Irish friends
About yourself:
Love hard rock and classic metal music and particularly find the musicians interesting, I'm reclusive, not at all social, love to read but dislike most movies, write a bit of fiction, play solo-only Fortnite, love my pets, love everyday chit-chat about ev
Looking for:

Love to find email or FB messenger buddy, any gender as long as we share the same interests and musical tastes, but would prefer someone near enough my own age to relate with. I'd love to hear about your day, your area, your pets, garden, favorite music and musicians, - just everyday stuff. If you're a male, please don't believe it's okay to flirt with me or compliment me. It is NOT.

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