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SillyChatter, Leland, United States
Leland, United States
Looking for ladies to chat online
Looking for:

I'm looking for chat pals. Ladies that love animals and clean chats, silly humor. lots of giggles but NEVER humor that's unkind! For me humor is a stress buster. I'm straight so friendship only. NO men! Nothing against men I have one LOL so I won't respond to private messages from men!

I'm not on Facebook! And I don't do voice/video chats but I do love PalaceChat. Anyone else remember ThePalace?

It's not whining to share with friends what we go through. Real friends will always want to know how we really are and care how we really are but it seems a lot of people no longer care about genuine friendships.

I love fur and feathered babies and get upset if they are mistreated or not properly cared for!

I don't do religious chats. That's how I respect all beliefs. Showing love/compassion to others speak louder than words if someone is a Christian.

I don't sell anything unless you count yard sales LOL and I don't sell that online.

If anyone knows why a profile pic just disappears, let me know!? It's just a pic of my dog so nothing bad LOL

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