Pen pals for adults
Pen Pals for Adults

Pen Pals for Adults at Free Penpal Sites

Pen pals for adults at free penpal sites have been a phenomenon in the last few years. People seeking for friends to learn from each other. They want to learn from different culture to gain more knowledge about themselves. Looking for friends online is the best way. You will need a friend or some friends to talk to and learn from each other. Adults are defined as people who are older than 18 years old. They are either single, married, coupled, widowed, or etc. They may have a happy family with beautiful children. However, they are looking for pen pals on the Internet to learn more about their friends. No one is perfect at everything. So, learning from each other is the best way to gain more knowledge to apply it in your life.

Pen pals for adults
Pen pals for adults

Free penpal sites are developed to help people around the world to find each other. You can find penpals addresses so that you and them can write for each other. It depends on what type of penpals you want to seek. Some snail mail pen pals just want to write for each other once a week or once a month. Generally speaking, penpals online are seeking for friendship, not relationship, nor dating. They want to learn, share, or get ideas from their friends. For example, you have a personal question about your lovely life. Don’t you dare to ask your brother or sister, mom or dad about it? You will ask your friends only. This is the friendship for. You will get a good answer from your online pen pals.

Penpal services online is for adults and all people who want to look for new friends online. When I was in college, I joined pen pals websites to find Japanese friends. I found a lot of them because I want to learn about Tokyo city, how they do business there and how they live in that wonder city. I live in American but got interested in Tokyo so I found a lot of pen pals in Japan. They learn from me too when I told them about the United States of America. So, friends learn from each other. Pen pals online learn from each other. This is the best part of the online pen pals service. Certainly, you can look for documentation on the Internet to read about any specific country, but not as real as your friends over there.

Free penpals sites are the best way to find pen pals for adults. You will need friends to exchange ideas from each other. Pen pals online have been popular to the world because they bring the knowledge from their original country to other countries, and vice versa. All people like to have friends to learn together. Penpals are great because we can share our personal information on one another. When searching for a pen pal online, you will need to decide which type you are looking for, such as pen pals addresses, snail mail penpals, penpals for kids and children, pen pals for adults, and others. Good luck in your search and you have a good time surfing to find beautiful pen pals online.

Find new adult pen pals at friend finder sites

In this era there are many people using friend finder sites to find new friends and pen pals. The need to make new friend online becomes stronger. This is the time when women and men, ladies and guys around the world start looking for friends of the same sex or opposite sex.

Adult pen pal
Adult pen pal

Adult Friend finder services offer the way that people seek each other online. They can find new pen pals, share their life and learn from one of another. In modern times, many pen pal sites are designed to help such demand of finding new friends on the Internet. It does not matter where they live on the world, whether it is the U.S., Canada, Australia, Japan etc, they can find new penpals online at ease. The modern way to find friends on line is the easiest way. So, it takes a few minutes to find pen friends everywhere on the world.

People can use such adult penpal online sites to find other friends who match about their interests and hobbies, likes and dislikes, age range, gender, race, religion etc. When you sign up a profile, you are required to write your personal information in detailed. Your personal details are in need to fill out. You can post your photos if you want to. It is recommended to do that. Then the site gives you the chance to search for other people and contact any person you like.

With the concept of finding friends online, youngsters and seniors can use to find new people. These penpals sites ensure that you can find friends online. Meeting the right people and share with them the values of life is amazing. So, take action to sign up a profile and start meeting new pen friends online today.


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  • Jonas Machiko

    Am Jonas Machiko from Zambia born on the 4th December 1964 am a widower lost my wife in the road accident in 2015 and since then am still single with 4 grown up children and am a christian by faith.
    I need an adult long term friendship wether woman or man to chart with. If yu are interested email me at or whatsapp me at +260 979742465

  • Linda N.

    Friendship is sincerity for adult pen pals.

    Have you ever faced a situation where you see someone wearing a shirt that is extremely inappropriate, but you don’t have the courage to point it out for fear of losing your heart? – Yes, growing up means that we have countless barriers of cliché, fake [to be polite] put out. The number of honest people in life has decreased to the point of zero.

    More dangerously, your self-confidence often has a “blind spot”. It has an inability to see its own mistakes, nonsense, weakness, or stupidity.

    I have friends who would say:

    Man, you take that kind of dressing off, you look like a bitch! You can’t wear skirts that are over the knee and make you short.

    Or: You don’t use that lipstick anymore, it looks like you’re going to be 45 years old.

    Or: Honey, I suggest you use the deodorant roller.

    At first, honesty was difficult to breathe. But I stood looking back at myself in the mirror. And suddenly realized they were correct. They were the ones who honestly told me about the absurdity I made. They did not say that to insult or hurt me. They give specific, detailed, and often suggestions on what to do about it.

    Looking closely at everything, they are helping me get better, like having a sister in the house teaching me to do the right thing wrong.

    Later, I began to understand that it is difficult to give a sincere comment, and I have a choice of whether to say it or not. Therefore, those who choose the difficult – which are in danger of offending – to help them, should be respected. I’ve heard things like “Praise him to death” – that even if I do it wrong, ugly, people still praise it. Praise to make us more blind, lousy, and even more into unnecessary nonsense.

    I allow myself a space to listen to suggestions, and practice telling the truth to the people I care about, in a delicate and careful way. One sister taught me like this: “I want to give you advice on this, if you find it applicable then do it, otherwise don’t think too much because you have no malicious intentions, okay?” – Then she said that point of error, and then showed how to correct it. She helps me understand that there is nothing bad about giving feedback, but being tactful helps us lessen hurting each other.

  • banda

    Hi Iam MajahaJohnstone Banda living here in the warm heart of Africa, Malawi.I am 48 years old and i work as primary school teacher in the one international private schools here in the capital Lilongwe.I like praying and i am a sunday school teacher.I also like to travel, read books, watch football and movies.

  • Cliffcool Cooman

    Hi my name is Ciiff I was a drunk most of my life I lost my family,friends jobs and I ended up in the street in another Country I eat from garbage cans Slept on sidewalks under bridges inside boxes I fell down in drains found myself bleeding when I woke up without knowing what happened afraid lonely I am no longer drinking because only by the grace of GOD I have stopped but I am still homeless I would like to try and make a friend in Canada because that is where I am from but at present not their…I also would like to say to anyone anywhere is never to late to stop if you have a vice that is taking you down a path my drinking took me but you must want it from within and PRAYS begging God to help you trust me he is their…I hope to make a friend

  • Vietnamese dating site

    Good article. Yes, pen pals for adults are popular because senior people need friends.

    Can you imagine a life without friends? When you think about it, one of the best memories in your life is when your friendships were bonded together.

    They are people with whom you can share your joys and sorrows without force, without force, without a framework. There are friends that we trust and love in this life of a certain importance that will not diminish over time. Here are some reasons why we need friends.

    Friends have a greater influence on us without our realization. With good friends, you will gain vital life skills to be successful in life. With intelligent, willful and energetic friends, you learn from them by imitating. So are funny and selfless friends. Friendship comes with many perks. Friendship makes you happier, inculcates your mind and inspires you to reach your goals, live a healthier and happier life.

    • Farhan

      Hey dearest,
      I’m Farhan from Montreal Canada interested to be your penpalfor the long time sure. I have so many hobbies like music, football,comedy, romantic movies and traveling etc.  
      Hope you might find me for who you are looking for really forever sure.
      If you are interested then you may send me mail soon.Take care and have a wonderful day.

    • Warren

      Hi Farnan, Would you be interested in talking with a New Zealander. I’m a 75yr old male divorced but has a good sence of humour.I wont be offended if you did not reply.

  • Revoctus D.Kasigwa

    Am Revocatus Dominick Kasigwa a Tanzanian from East Africa, I am looking for kind and honest friends from all corners of the World. Am married and a father of three daughters.

  • Linda

    Hi I just found this sight and would like to have new friends and that’s all. Someone to talk with no affairs or anything else just friends to chat and laugh with. Am married and take care of two grandkids. If anyone wants to chat Let me know. Have a blessed day

    • Ronda McKittrick

      Hi Linda, my name is Ronda and like you I’m married and take care of grandkids. I have a 3 year old granddaughter and a 1 year old grandson. I would love to chat with you. Thanks!

    • Francois

      I saw your placing for a penpal. I am also looking for a friend to chat with and share some life experiences. I am also only interested in friendship and chat

  • Rachel McKittrick

    Hi, just found this sight and would love to make friends. I’m Ronda and I live in Illinois, U.S.A. I’m happily married, with 2 wonderful grown children, and a beautiful granddaughter. I’m not looking to have an online affair or make any type of sexual hookups. I babysit at home and get very bored and in desperate need adult communication. Feel free to contact me here.

    • Joseph Crichton

      Hello Rachel – not sure if this is for real or not, but came across your message and thought I’d reach out. If you’re looking for a male penpal feel free to drop me a note back. Thanks – Joseph.

    • Ronda McKittrick

      Hi Joseph, I didn’t realize it had my daughters name on the profile. I apologize. My name is Ronda, and I would very much like having a male penpal. Everything I wrote in my first post is true.
      Where are you from?

    • Keith

      Howdy Rachel, or is it Ronda? It’s funny that I once had a pen pal that had started a child care center at her house and was in dire need for some adulte conversation. i had worked with her until her husband got transferred to another state. But we kept in touch via snail mail, sharing life experiences and stories. That was so many years ago. I am semi retired gentleman that enjoys writing and have many life experiences to share and swap stories. I live in NM, originally from TX, but CO is my happy place. I’ve been married four times, but currently single. I am just looking for cyber pals via emails only, male or female. I’ve written a book, played semi pro volleball for 31 years, and a good story teller. If interested, please reply with a bit about yourself. Hope to hear from you soon.

    • Tim smith

      hi! Rhonda, I know what you are going through stuck at the house myself it does get very boring after awhile lol. If would like to just send me an email and we will try to keep each other entertained.

  • Zodiak Diver

    They call me Zodiak, others, the Yonimaster, I am an amateur writer with poor grammar. I like being the reason you smile when you open up an email from me, at work, on your lunch break.
    If you like having your fancy tickled, drop me a note. Ladies only, please.

  • StewartJuicy

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  • mohamed

    hello and god bless you all
    looking for a woman that wants to help me becuse
    i couldn’t survive of depression and dislike rejection
    and in need of help
    kiss and god bless you all

  • Roger

    Dear ladies,
    I am male and seeking email pals from females. To talk about anything. Write tome on

  • Robert walter

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    We are urgently in need of a Cooks, Cleaners, Laundry supervisor, gardeners and Manager in United Kingdom. Free accommodation and meals will be provided. For three (3) years which is also renewable with a good salary great long term employment opportunity. Send resume to: ( for review and kindly note that you must have a valid International passport before you apply.

    Best regards

    Send your resume to (

    Dr Robert Walter

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