Pen Pals for Adults at Free Penpal Sites

Pen pals for adults at free penpal sites have been a phenomenon in the last few years. People seeking for friends to learn from each other. They want to learn from different culture to gain more knowledge about themselves. Looking for friends online is the best way. You will need a friend or some friends to talk to and learn from each other. Adults are defined as people who are older than 18 years old. They are either single, married, coupled, widowed, or etc. They may have a happy family with beautiful children. However, they are looking for pen pals on the Internet to learn more about their friends. No one is perfect at everything. So, learning from each other is the best way to gain more knowledge to apply it in your life.

Pen pals for adults

Pen pals for adults

Free penpal sites are developed to help people around the world to find each other. You can find penpals addresses so that you and them can write for each other. It depends on what type of penpals you want to seek. Some snail mail pen pals just want to write for each other once a week or once a month. Generally speaking, penpals online are seeking for friendship, not relationship, nor dating. They want to learn, share, or get ideas from their friends. For example, you have a personal question about your lovely life. Don’t you dare to ask your brother or sister, mom or dad about it? You will ask your friends only. This is the friendship for. You will get a good answer from your online pen pals.

Penpal services online is for adults and all people who want to look for new friends online. When I was in college, I joined pen pals websites to find Japanese friends. I found a lot of them because I want to learn about Tokyo city, how they do business there and how they live in that wonder city. I live in American but got interested in Tokyo so I found a lot of pen pals in Japan. They learn from me too when I told them about the United States of America. So, friends learn from each other. Pen pals online learn from each other. This is the best part of the online pen pals service. Certainly, you can look for documentation on the Internet to read about any specific country, but not as real as your friends over there.

Free penpals sites are the best way to find pen pals for adults. You will need friends to exchange ideas from each other. Pen pals online have been popular to the world because they bring the knowledge from their original country to other countries, and vice versa. All people like to have friends to learn together. Penpals are great because we can share our personal information on one another. When searching for a pen pal online, you will need to decide which type you are looking for, such as pen pals addresses, snail mail penpals, penpals for kids and children, pen pals for adults, and others. Good luck in your search and you have a good time surfing to find beautiful pen pals online.

Find new adult pen pals at friend finder sites

In this era there are many people using friend finder sites to find new friends and pen pals. The need to make new friend online becomes stronger. This is the time when women and men, ladies and guys around the world start looking for friends of the same sex or opposite sex.

Adult pen pal

Adult pen pal

Adult Friend finder services offer the way that people seek each other online. They can find new pen pals, share their life and learn from one of another. In modern times, many pen pal sites are designed to help such demand of finding new friends on the Internet. It does not matter where they live on the world, whether it is the U.S., Canada, Australia, Japan etc, they can find new penpals online at ease. The modern way to find friends on line is the easiest way. So, it takes a few minutes to find pen friends everywhere on the world.

People can use such adult penpal online sites to find other friends who match about their interests and hobbies, likes and dislikes, age range, gender, race, religion etc. When you sign up a profile, you are required to write your personal information in detailed. Your personal details are in need to fill out. You can post your photos if you want to. It is recommended to do that. Then the site gives you the chance to search for other people and contact any person you like.

With the concept of finding friends online, youngsters and seniors can use to find new people. These penpals sites ensure that you can find friends online. Meeting the right people and share with them the values of life is amazing. So, take action to sign up a profile and start meeting new pen friends online today.

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258 thoughts on “Pen Pals for Adults at Free Penpal Sites

      • Hi Esther , my name is Paul ( but i get called Jock ) , so either name is good. I have just joined this page so you are my 1st penpal that im writing to. Hope we can keep in touch and make a friendship out of this. Looking forward to hearing from you. Have a nice day.

      • this anthony .c
        from zambia
        likes watching football, reading books on politics and economics as as sight seeing

        • Hi how are you? I hope you are happy and in good health. I am Kumara from Sri Lanka 52 years old my job was Graphic designer now I am stay at home and do photographing, painting and private teaching computer for the village children. My hobbies are Photography, Art, Traveling, Reading, watching, music, looking for the history about the other countries.

          I like to know about you and your families also about the history of your countries. When you write me send me your picture pls. I like to say about my country. Sri Lanka is an island, it very beautiful, it belongs to Asian countries, full with tropical fruits, mango pineapple, passion-fruits, different types of bananas…., very healthy vegetables, different types of sea-foods, (prawns, crabs, lobsters, cuttle-fish, and lot of fishes, spicy foods (rice and curry) very nice beautiful places and ancient places, nice waters falls, rivers, lakes, big tanks, specially very beautiful beaches with coral reefs the best 2nd beach in the world is here too, it calls UNAWATUNA BEACH, lot of flowers, lot of birds even very nice religious mountains as Adam’s speak. also one of the seven wonderful things is in Sri Lanka it calls SEEGIRIYA ROCK

          I wrote lot of things about my country, I think enough for today, I will end my mail expecting honest reply from you. Good luck and all the best


          • Hello Kumara
            Wish you and your family an immensely peaceful and a prosperous New Year.
            I came across your information, which was very interesting.
            I would be very interested in talking about “Graphic Design”.
            My contact details as follows –
            Thank you

        • Hi James,
          like to chat call me anytime on
          +44 7563608512 also share phone number with
          your friends hope to hear.

          Debbie Waller

          • Greetings to you my dear,
            I honestly care for your friendship and partnership as good friends from United States and thats were i reside for now. I will tell you more about me next. Princess

          • Hi my name is ghere from eritrea east africa i found ur adress from the pen pals profiles my phone number is +29107651181

      • I’m 38 years old from Brazil and I’m looking for some nice people to write emails or snail mail. I would love to hear more about other countries and people and maybe to become friends in the process! Because, I am looking for penfriends who want to talk about funny, sad and beautiful moments of everyday life. I want my penfriends to become part of my life and to become part of their lives – as real friends.
        So that you know who I actually am, here are some information about me: My name is Hernande, single, no kids, I’m graduated in Law and studying Economy. I love to do in my spare time: reading, writing letters, meeting my friends, music, cooking, pets, travelling and getting to know other cultures and languages ( I love languages), art, nature, movies, and a lot more. Besides that, I also work managing a hardware store building.
        Everybody is welcome, people from around my age and other ages above 18 years old. Your religion, sex and origin don’t matter as long as you’re honest and interested in keeping the contact. Besides English, you can also write in German, French, Spanish, Italian or Portuguese.
        Well, if this sounds interesting and you’ve kind of the same interests, why not drop me a line? Looking forward to messages!
        I hope to hear from you soon!

        • Hi. I’m Michael from the US. I’m 51 years old, engaged with two sons. I enjoy writing letters, spending time with family, fishing, etc.
          Tell me about yourself.

        • am very glad to hear that you are looking for a pen pal i am also looking for a pen pal. i am a Zambian here in Africa i want also to have a friend outside my country.

          • Hi!
            So I’m a happily married guy, 38, have a great kid, but I’m really bored sexually.
            I know that realistically I’m never going to have an affair, but I still need some additional excitement.
            I figure there might be some women here in the same boat…so I thought it would be fun to seek out an erotic pen pal.
            We can exchange stories, share fantasies, complain about our spouses…whatever we can think of to have some tame fun on the side.

        • Hi my name is Debbie Ive been looking for friendship with anyone i found your podt online sounds like a beutiful coutry im in south texas USA! Hope to here from u soon

          • Hi!
            So I’m a happily married guy, 38, have a great kid, but I’m really bored sexually.
            I know that realistically I’m never going to have an affair, but I still need some additional excitement.
            I figure there might be some women here in the same boat…so I thought it would be fun to seek out an erotic pen pal.
            We can exchange stories, share fantasies, complain about our spouses…whatever we can think of to have some tame fun on the side.

          • Hi Debbie I live in North Texas Burleson. Would like someone who I can write about anything you want. I am 73 and am just looking for a friend. Have a great day! Joyce

      • Dear Esther,
        I used to know another young lady called Esther and am therefore writing to you. If you wish, then you can write to me at: and then we can introduce ourselves to each other properly and perhaps continue to communicate if you feel like it.
        Best Regards,

      • Hi Esther,

        I am Lynn. I am from New Hampshire but, I am living in Arizona right now. I will be moving back to New Hampshire eventually but, not yet. I am married and have two grown children. Tell me about you.

        • Hi lynn. love to hear form you and become pen pals. i am also married with two grown kids. send me an e-mail so we can talk some more. i am in the new England area.


      • Hello friend. Not quite sure I am “wonderful”, but I’m not mean and am sincere in my thoughts. Right now I am brand new at this and hope that you, or someone else, will respond so that I know that I am “getting through.”

    • Hi there. .
      My mane is Tammy. . I never had a penpal before.. so I hope this is a good experience
      So you are a workaholic? What do you do for a living,? I really hope it is something you enjoy to do. So where do you live?

    • Hi are you still a workaholic since you sent this in 2011 I’m more than happy to write you a letter

  1. looking for a woman that wants to dominate me and use me like the sissy i am..i will cook and clean for you.. and do all my duties.. i will serve you and let you go out and have your dates with real men.. i will be waiting im my panties to clean you when you cum home..

    • Hey there, cissy mann,

      Looks like you posted this comment a few years ago, but I like what I’m hearing. Want to talk more? I’m a real person, not a robot or a spammer, but I do run a penpal business and I’d love to talk to you in a less public setting 🙂 Contact me at my business email:

      Waiting to hear from you.


  2. Searching for a lady that has the time and energy to be friends with me. I don’t get out much due to my disabilities, and really need a friend to share with. Ladies, if you think you would like to have a friend, I’m very open and honest.

    • Hi,
      I’m very honest, I live with my elderly father. We grow peaches, we like to fish when we have time. I also have some disabilities, bad migraines.
      Would love to hear back from you. So, drop me a line anytime.

      • Hi, seen your note an it really hit home, I also have migraines. And I also love to fish. Hope you are having a good year growing your peaches. You have a nice day. Sincerely KathyA

        • Hi, I am Teddy and would like to be your buddy.I like making friends. Iam from Kenya, East Africa. I hope you won’t mind we can chat on whatsapp? My whatapp number is +254727108314

      • Hello,

        How are you? Hope that my message will find you in good health and enjoying life.

        I reached your profile by chance and read your details ! i wish to communicate with you. would like to explore common topics for chit chat

        If you like to have a long distance friend, PLEASE let me know. I live and work at Karachi, Pakistan.

        However would like to explore the possibility of some communication. I am available to discuss anything you wish to share with me. i can also communicate through Skype as well, i also have my facebook id, if you would like to have a general chit chat about life all around us, interesting experiences, incidents or simply any other topic of interest.

        I like to watch good movies, read books, listens to music. I work as project Manager in a company responsible for providing engineering support to its clients for different things. I enjoy my work. i have keen interest in aviation.

        I am a very positive person and would like to explore how i would be able to inspire you with our communication.

        I am daily available for chit chat and you can also send me an email at i will reply it. or if your like can use skype as well my id is imran051165.

        at last assure you that all the communication would be replied. i look forward to long term friendship based on mutual trust, respect and confidence.

        i will be waiting for your reply.
        Take care,
        best regards,

        • Hi Im Debbie looking for freind from another country Im also married have 2 stepsons and 8 grandkids we just moved about 14 months ago from florida to Texas lived in flr for 25 yrs!

      • Hello Dana I understand disabilities I have fusions in neck and heart problems. I am located in the great State of Tex where are you. I am farm reared Like country and modern worship music. Colors blue brn sagttarius enjoy fishing dogs and birds let’s chat some

      • hello Dana, I love fishing a lot too. I been fishing since I was 18 months old. you sound very cool. I would love to here from you. sincerely, James Robert Richard Arnold

  3. Hi, Am Guevro Gbado KALIVOGUI from Liberia. And I want to make friend around the word, every sex and age group.

  4. Looking for something special I am 40 years young, have 6 grown kids and empty nest at home I will correspond with every one who writes me. There is nothing wrong with a little fun.

  5. looking for people with same interests as me
    I like fishing,hunting ,camping ,woodworking,all kinds of outdoor stuff.
    oh ya and trading wife pics lol

  6. hi, i m sisira from sri lanka and 47 yeas old . i’m manager of the logistic center in sri lanka. i would like 2 know about good kind helpfull people.

  7. Greetings: I am a guy aged 51 lives in Mangalore, with and attractive body, sexy, romantic, affectionate. Honest, caring, down to earth and respectful looking for a mature woman for serious relationship. I would like to meet any one who is serious minded and single to be my companion. Looking for intimate relationship. I am looking for a mature woman who is a truthful, sincere, caring heart that I can share happiness for real life together with. I am looking for true love in any part of the world. Would like to meet any one who is serious minded age is not important I will do my best to also make you happy all the time.
    Write to me or call 9731925191

  8. Hello Mel,
    I am also new to this, found it just now.
    I am interested in emailing and establishing a friendship that can range from serious conversation to flirtatious and even erotic. I love to write and be creative. I also love to arouse and be aroused. But I am also an adult that can take an interest in your daily events and have mature conversations.
    Email me at if interested.

    • CaptainMorgan

      It is site still open, and if so I would love to be your “penpal” we may have similar interests

      I hope to converse with you soon.

      Have a nice day new friend

  9. Hello there, hope all is well with everybody, just looking to have some conversation. I work nights ,I am married ,in my fifties and thought I give this a try. I don’t drink or smoke , I like the outdoor, I very much like the Smoky Mts and the water . DavidDavid

      • Hi I’m victoria and i live in south carolina I’m a free spirit love writing and looking for interesting people to write in letter form mail send fun stuff and get to know people who are from all walks of life .i am currently pregnant and have always lived a pretty exciting life . Lately thats been put on hold and teying to find real people who don’t gossip or negative seems a bit out of reach these days i am 33

        • Hi Vivctori, I hope you are fine and well? I am Teddy from Kenya, East Africa. I am 35 years old.I am interior, fashion designer and a technical college teacher by profession. I will be glad to be your buddy.
          My postal address is
          P.o Box 2028-40100,
          East Africa.

          If you don’ t mind we can also chat on whatsapp? My number is +254727108314 and email address:

          • Hi Victoria? how are you and the baby is it a girl or boy? how was labour ? i have 2 girls and i love them dearly.
            whats up and whats on your mind these days i have a lot fun ,staff on my minds i keep thinking what if hahahaha i love laughing dancing and looking after my family.
            am married my husband is a good man but i don’t think he likes me any more any way i had a family in my head perfect am sure i can still have it .well well well
            my sister lives with me i love her she is such a healp with the kids .
            by the way did i say we live in london England may be United kingdom i should say.

        • Hello dear,how are you doing today,hope you are fine.
          i am kelvin basino from Biafra Land in African…….
          i was going through some research online luckily i saw your profile so i decided to write to say hi to the most pretty lady that i meant online….i wouldn’t mind if we could become good friends.would also like to teach you my language generally that is if you dont mind.have you been to African country before?because i would like you to visit 1 someday.when i said to you Nwaoma it means you so beautiful..we have so many things to talk about when we get to know each other very well…pls feel free to email me on…my contact+234 8094 409621

        • Hi Victoria,
          Nice to meet you. My name is John and I am 35 years looking for friends for exchange of letters, emails from time to time. I love traveling and love to make friends.

        • Hi I was thrilled to hear the gossip part lol,I want free from those things .its nice to see you say that part out loud.I am free spirited and friendly I hope we can be good friends.

  10. Hi, I’m new to this site. Not sure how it works but would love to make new friends. I’m going thru the empty nest syndrome and learning who I am once again! LOL…

  11. Hi! New to this…I thought I’ll give it a try.
    I guess you can consider me a dependable adult with a job and a family. However I am still young at heart: I hate the fact that life is just duties, chores and responsibilities with very little time for fun, discoveries and dreams.
    I am European but live in the States.
    I am always very busy but if you are interesting I’ll write you back. 😉

    • Hi kitten,

      How is the duties and chores going?…if your still looking for a friend to chat with and anything and everything…

      If you want to chat drop me and email and say hello

      Best wishes…Chris

    • Dear “Angry Kitten”,
      I too am new at this sort of thing, but I understand exactly how you feel about not having any time for fun.
      But there is no need to be “angry” about it, instead do try and write to me at: theguide56@yahoo,com and then I can assure you that you will find me interesting enough to want to continue to write to me, thereby deriving some from it.

  12. Hi I am Mir male age 50 yrs I live in dublin Ireland but I am originally from india and settle in ireland would like to meet female friends through email to exchange and thoughts of day to day life.
    Hope to hear from friend who can spare few minutes to drop few words.

  13. Looking for a friend above 50.Am a business lady with 3 family. A person who is mature and understanding no smoking no drinking beer.

    • Hi Alice,

      I am Lynn. I am 55 years old. I am also looking for a mature friend who is understanding. I don’t drink beer and I don’t smoke. I work hard and I enjoy the company of others, talking and sharing ideas and life. I would love to be a pen pal with you. Please write to me and tell me more about yourself.

  14. Hello everyone…. Am Frost from Kampala Uganda and am here to look for a female friend who will spend some good time with me…Thank you alot.. For more you can visit my website and listen to my
    you can also text me Thank you alot…

  15. Hello… Am belinda from Kenya.never been to this site though would like to make new friends… Am 23 years. I love reading, swimming and going for outings.. If you interested plz do write me a message on my email account.. My cell phone number is +254705798133

  16. Hello everyone, my name is James Robert Richard Arnold. I live in Glendale,AZ. I love to fish, hike, read, play video games, watch all kinds of movies. my favorite genre of movies is Horror. I am 25 yrs old. I am looking for a pen pal to mail me very cool letters. I am very shy sometimes and don’t do well in big crowds. I am also looking for a fishing buddy. so if you would like to be my friend, my address is 5701 N. 45th Dr. Glendale,AZ 85301. or if you would like to text me, my cell # is 6236925265.

  17. Hello ppl of planet Earth!
    Looking for epals. I’m 19, a medical student and from Pakistan. Hit me up if interested.

  18. hi friends, i am 33/M/Coimbatore/Tamil nadu /INDIA,I like to have friends ship with all friends of all age group from all over the email id is
    romancer009 at the rate of {gmail} dot Com.with greeting and regards.

  19. My name is Bill aged 35 from Malawi. I would like to have friends from all over the world so that we can share more about culture, language, experiences and lots more. I like making friends, exchanging ideas, listening to wholesome music, watching and playing soccer and reading among others. I will be pleased if I will get friends from this site.

  20. Hi,
    I am an Indonesian and live in Indonesia. I am a female 42 y.o. I am looking for friends from all over the world. Female or Male, range age beetween 42 y.o – 50 y.o. not interesting to get chating, not interesting to write Snail Mail and post card or anything else or Photo Selfie..No! And not looking for Dating or Love.

  21. hi am African joy I wld like to get penpal frds I wld talk to everyday.
    I like traveling music sport culture meeting new frds cooking. reading those a my hobbies.
    I would like to meet new frds who a real not fake and would like to know abt. African. culture. contact me if u a serious I will be waiting to talk to u.
    or what app me we chat+256777710411

  22. Hey All I did not realize pen pal still exit. i was to bored and decided to see whats happing in the cyber world.Lo and Behold i came up on this web site. Looking for friends. Oh Yes i’m a talker, But also a good listener Thanks Sherry.

  23. Hello,
    I am Lyssette from Jamaica. I would love to have a male penfriend above age 50 as a friend.

    • Hi Lyssette from Jamaica, I am Will from the USA. I have free time and can correspond with you if you wish.

  24. Hello My name is Ben and would enjoy hearing from any one who cares to respond any topic from any where.

  25. We are a couple aged 37 each and would love to share some online fantasies (nothing beyond online). Would anyone be interested?
    pl send reply at

  26. Everyone hi…am willing to make friends and who are female am wondering how i can start..Get me on Am sorry..i forgot to tell you that am from Uganda EastAfrica.

  27. I don’t know if this Web is real true anyway let me try looking for a pen pal from all over the world I hate scams and frauds don’t text me on my e-mail because I won’t reply am not being rude am easy so polite am from East Africa Uganda and here is my e-mail or hit me on +256758873959 I hate scams.

  28. Hi- I’m Merrill. I am seeking a woman with whom to share private conversations about one another. I am over 60, enjoy the out of doors and writing erotic fiction. I am not looking to meet. Come, bring your words, let’s play.

    • Hello Merrill, I found this site by accident, I have an interest in a pen pal… I’m sot sure how discreet this is.. your erotic fiction writing intrigued me… so let’s play

      Interested future gal pal

  29. Hi am Iris with a big passion for jiu jitsu and any sports! Jus want someone to talk and share whatever u want to talk!

  30. Hi Everyone I am Kumara from Sri lanka teacher computer graphic design and art 52 years old. My favorite hobby is drawing and painting, photography, reading and music. I am looking for very good and honest friends.
    My mail:

    • Hi Princess, I am Peter and I am wondering if your still active on this site for friendship I would be interested if you are.
      All the best to you any way Princess.

    • Hi Leslie wondering if your still looking for email friends I would be interested if you are my main hobbies are collecting films and listening to music, I do work full time and odd hours hope to hear from you soon….

  31. Hello, I am looking a nice lady to make contact with for general conversation and flirting. Nothing bad I’m lonely and am really looking to flirt with a nice woman between the ages of 35-50, Caucasian, and fro the United States.


  32. Hello all, I am a married latin male, just a bit over 50. I would like to get a chance to just chat with folks. I am a bit of a geek and have had a chance to travel to many parts of the world. Not sure what else to say, but if you enjoy the conversation (verbal or written) of a humorous, laid back type of person, drop me a note. I wish you all a great day 🙂

  33. Dear Sir/ Madam,

    We are urgently in need of a Cooks, Cleaners, Laundry supervisor, gardeners and Manager in United Kingdom. Free accommodation and meals will be provided. For three (3) years which is also renewable with a good salary great long term employment opportunity. Send resume to: ( for review and kindly note that you must have a valid International passport before you apply.

    Best regards

    Send your resume to (

    Dr Robert Walter

  34. Dear ladies,
    I am male and seeking email pals from females. To talk about anything. Write tome on

  35. hello and god bless you all
    looking for a woman that wants to help me becuse
    i couldn’t survive of depression and dislike rejection
    and in need of help
    kiss and god bless you all

  36. Hi. I see that you don’t update your website too
    often. I know that writing posts is time consuming and boring.
    But did you know that there is a tool that allows you to create new posts using existing
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  37. They call me Zodiak, others, the Yonimaster, I am an amateur writer with poor grammar. I like being the reason you smile when you open up an email from me, at work, on your lunch break.
    If you like having your fancy tickled, drop me a note. Ladies only, please.

  38. Hey everyone, am Morris from Uganda. Am here to find some nice friends from the all the world. Feel free to contact me plz.

  39. Hi, just found this sight and would love to make friends. I’m Ronda and I live in Illinois, U.S.A. I’m happily married, with 2 wonderful grown children, and a beautiful granddaughter. I’m not looking to have an online affair or make any type of sexual hookups. I babysit at home and get very bored and in desperate need adult communication. Feel free to contact me here.

    • Hello Rachel – not sure if this is for real or not, but came across your message and thought I’d reach out. If you’re looking for a male penpal feel free to drop me a note back. Thanks – Joseph.

      • Hi Joseph, I didn’t realize it had my daughters name on the profile. I apologize. My name is Ronda, and I would very much like having a male penpal. Everything I wrote in my first post is true.
        Where are you from?

  40. Hi I just found this sight and would like to have new friends and that’s all. Someone to talk with no affairs or anything else just friends to chat and laugh with. Am married and take care of two grandkids. If anyone wants to chat Let me know. Have a blessed day

    • Hi Linda, my name is Ronda and like you I’m married and take care of grandkids. I have a 3 year old granddaughter and a 1 year old grandson. I would love to chat with you. Thanks!

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