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You can find pen pals now online at free penpals sites conveniently. There are millions of people around the world looking for snail mail pen pals abroad. Nowadays, meeting pen pals online is a common thing. People like to learn from another culture and country. They can use snail mail, postal, and other types of pen pals. Snail mail penpals are very common some years ago. Friends write letters and send to their friends around the world. Today, many of them have changed to online penpals that they use the electronic communication through email and chat system. They share the news from each other by the online method.

prisoner pen palsPen pals are excited when they receive or reply their friends’ email messages. Usually, they share interests for each other. Today’s pen pals are gradually becoming more advanced technology savvy. Gone is the days when women or men used to write letters and put them in the envelop and mail them to their pen friends. Pen pals around the world used to receive letters written by hand from their pen pals. They are so excited when they got a letter from their mailbox. Most of them time, pen friends like to share their thoughts, joys and sorrows through letters. Nowadays, they use the electronic system to do the same work, but faster.

The old fashioned snail mail pen pals are retired. People use an email to send letters to their pen friends. It does not matter what way you use to communicate with a pen pal. When people receive a postal mail or an email message, you know exactly that there is at least a person out there makes you feel friendship and not alone. Take action to find
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  • Elaine DalaDarity

    DALE. I am a young at heart Christian living in the United States. I teach Sunday School and Vacation Bible school. I would like to correspond with Christian of all ages and all over the world.

  • Tumwebaza Victor

    I humbly draw your attension, greetings. I am Tumwebaza Victor aged 14years old living in Jinja city and I am a student in a high school section, I have some information of my back ground but I humbly request you as my pen pal , I will be glad full if my information is put under your consideration. Thanks , your kindly Tumwebaza Victor

  • Peace Kisakye

    My name is kisyake peace, i am 14 years old and i live in Mbale, Uganda.
    I live together with my mother and am a born again christian who loves
    Jesus Christ.
    Currently about my education am in primary seven and my hobbies are
    reading books, Bible reading and baking.
    With great pleasure i would like to have fun with a friend.

    Kisakye Peace

  • Ashin

    Friendship keeps us standing

    Whether it’s spiritually or supportive, friendship really helps me stand in this life. There were a few months when I was in Bangkok, when I was severely stressed. At that time, a friend did not ask questions, but regularly walked and talked to me every week, listening to me venting out all the frustrations. Another person, hearing me like that, flew over from Saigon, the two of them wandered the streets, cycling in Ayutthaya together. There is also no advice, just go out with friends.

    Maybe they just thought of some fun outings. They have no idea they helped me through my worst emotional days. They reminded them to be with me (whether Saigon or Bangkok). They proved they were quiet and no matter what trouble I was in. But they will stay by the side. Slap back. Laugh in the face. Shared cycling.

    There is something we cannot confess to our lover, parents, brother, but friends understand that with the context, temperament, feelings, we get into trouble. Someone will help out by holding out his hand. Someone sits next to. Someone heard me weep – no questions asked or stirred up. Friendship has the power of companionship – something that takes shape over the years is not too close (like a lover) but just enough objectively and far away to see what we fall into.

    I’ve always been grateful for that friendship. And that’s why when someone asks me to quit playing friends, I’ll tell you: You can choose not to show up when you meet you, but don’t ask me to leave anyone. I wasn’t there when you and you became friends.

    I don’t like being lonely if my lover “kicks” me out of his life, and sees me as an idiot for giving up all my friends.

    I do not allow love or family to push my friends away from me.

    • Raymond Cabante

      Hi. i am Raymond Cabante, 27 years old. i am looking for sponsor that i can finish my study, i am 2 year college taking a Bachelor Secondary Education, Major in ICT. it is very difficult to finish my homework because i dont have any Gadgets to search. please help me God bless

  • Emeemekwe chinedu

    Hi am not married and also a christian needs a friend who can keep me busy. All tribes are accepted. Am reliable and trustworthy

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