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Posted on 09/20/2017

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Female Pen Pals
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Locked up Physically but not Mentally
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As of now, I am striving for a successful acclamation back into society. Knowing I am invested in my future by building an education through the Virginia Department of Corrections education department as well as other Re-Entry level learning opportunities that I can find and afford, I have given myself many more tools to add to my “tool belt.”
I am currently paying for an Associate’s Degree in Theology at the fully accredited Yachal Bible Institute and Seminary as well as my Personal Fitness Trainer and Nutritional Specialist Certification at the US Career Institute thanks to the aid and assistance of my family.
I am a High School Graduate of Class of 2010 at Denbigh High School in Newport News, VA.
A former Warehouse & Sales Representative who since being incarcerated for Breaking and Entering and Grand Larceny for my own stupidity, I have steadfastly sought to rehabilitate myself by utilizing all of the resources at the Virginia Department of Corrections and their Department of Education has to offer: Commercial / Residential Cleaning Certification; OSHA Certification; I have been approved and awaiting enrollment into their Culinary Arts Program; and Motivational Interviewing Studies. As well as all of these quality certifications and programs of improvements in my life, I have become a mentor in the therapeutic program. I am continuously seeking curriculums, certifications, and trainings I can achieve to make life less of a struggle for me, my loved ones, and becoming a productive member of society upon my release. I have now learned that all our actions affect each other. Let us all make our actions affect each other for the best!!! I am confident, motivated, innovated, ambitious, and a persistent hard worker. My position currently in my life has taught me to know that I can be better. I will be making a career out of any one of, if not all, the trades I have or will have, I seek the demand for any niche I can find in the market that needs what I am qualified to supply. This is not to mention that I also have been helped tremendously by one of my most gracious teachers, who also has been a wonderful mentor to me, to establish my own business plan in which I am guaranteed for success upon my release.
Coming from a structured family oriented background of an older brother, younger sister, and a loving father and mother, I must say I was raised very well (with myself being hard-headed and my decisions not to listen until now), I must make amends to my loved ones, especially my five-year-old daughter for missing five constructive and critical years out of her life. She is my inspiration for working on my first novel and looking forward to a self-help book. LOVE YOU JA’VEAH!! For my new baby girl, Daddy can tell you struggle is ordained, but it does not have to remain!!!
I work a $.35 an hour job as a baker in a prison kitchen. I am truly humbled!!! There are not enough hours in the work day nor that many hours in a year to keep up with the expenses. Yet and still, I struggle to endure it anyway!!! Love is Love!!! Even support needs support.
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