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Christian penpals are friends who share the same Christian religion. A Christian penpal usually share the support and encouragement with each other. Pen pals sites are the connection to find Christian friends online easily and conveniently.

These online penpals get to know each other through personal writing, emails, chat, and etc. Penpals are usually friends who want to share and learn from each other. They are not looking for relationship or romance but they are friends only. Through pen pal services, they can make new penpals online who are Christians. Most of these Christian penpals only want to meet with this particular religion or who are interested in this religion to make friendship.

Christian penpals
Christian penpals

As we live on this modern century of advanced technology, looking for Christian pen pals online is a piece of cake. There are very few penpal services that provide the means to find and meet Christian pen pals. You can find many free penpals sites that provide the means for people to search for pen pals online. They are just look for general pen pals who they can share with each other. If you look for only Christian penpals, then you can just register at the general sites. When you write on your profile, you should mention that you want to make friends with Christians only. Some pen pal websites have the options for you to pick from the drop-down lists. This is how online pen pals services work. You can start a personal profile at or other penpal sites.

Pen pals services are the solution to meet a Christian penpal to bring the support and comfort into your life. Most of Christian pen pals share the same interests to build friendship upon. Looking for friends online is easy and simple these days as we live on this advanced technology. Some Christian penpals of the opposite gender can lead to a long-term relationship later on.

Free penpals sites will not charge members of any money so you are not required to enter your credit card information. In other words, you can create a profile, post pictures, search for Christian pen pals, and interact with them for free.


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  • Reuben

    Am good in writting, teaching the word of God, praying and interceding, travelling, sharing ideas, touring, cooking, worshiping, volunteering, learning new things etc.

  • Reuben

    Am a Christian Brother born again from Uganda looking for penpals all over the world, it will be my great pleasure to get you.
    Be blessed

  • Lily Fok Cheung

    Hi Mr Kumar,
    Glad you are like me wanting to find glimpse of answers to the pandemic. I’m happy I receive a book written by John C. Lennox, the title of the book is called Where is God In A Coronvirus World? I hope you can find it from your church or on amazon. Enjoy reading.

    God bless.

  • David

    Hi, my name is David from Uganda Africa. I am married and a Christian. I am 36 years old. I would like us to be friends if you don’t mind. I am a teacher by profession.
    I am looking for a Christian penpal to share with and have long term friendship

  • Joanie

    Hi from canton CT watching tv ?in minutes blue blood going start good watch friend and I do bible study every morning.I’m a Christian.if you want to write get back to me hugs Joanie


    I was thinking about what to reply . I have been attending a church where I do not 100% believe in all their rules, regulations, religiosity, legalism. Even though I am not a faithful undeniable believer , I continue to attend. Has any of you ever faced this in your faith walk. I am 62 yrs. old, a registered nurse, and know due to my circumstance, will not be retiring anytime soon. I like to meet and forge new friendships and fellowship with other Christian believers.

  • Bill Steve Yap


    Am Bill, am from Papua New Guinea, and am a Christian, a Penticostal or born again church. Am 40 years of age, looking for penpal of longer relationship. If a your interested please reply.

    • Regena Maximovich

      Hi Barbara- would love to be your penpal. I am a very recent widow, 74 yrs young, living with my 5 cats !! I just moved in a new tiny home & am still loaded with tons of STUFF to be put away. :’-( I live in Port Deposit, MD Not a smoker, drink a cocktail about once a month. Christian Catholic. Hope to hear from you, jeannie

    • Mary Jane Lane

      Regina, I am 83 and Catholic. No cats, however simply because pets are not allowed in my apt. complex. Would love to share with you. I live in Orchard Park NY.

    • Jean Rhoden


      We are the same age , I have a dog, retired teacher but teach piano in my home. Staying active and thought it would be nice to have a Christian pen pal. Are you still interested in this ? I’m in South Carolina.

    • Mary Jane Lane

      Jean, Am retired teacher and elementary principal. I love to read–acouple of books a week and am an amateur writer of short stories. Self published a book but so expensive. Love to share with you if you are interested. MJ

    • Scott Na

      I am kind of glorious single. 82 yrs old Korean. retired professor. 50 yrs Christian.
      want to share with you if you are interested in exchanging news, opinion, concerns and real life story.

    • Astrid R

      Hi Scott,
      I am a catholic. I like to chat about different topics and learn more about Korea. I hope age is not a problem. I am 38, happily married. I love cats. If you’d like to email please respond.

    • Joseph Fru

      Hi Mary Jane , I,m a Born again Christian and a teacher of the Gospel of Christ. I like to be your friend and to get to know you better so that we can share our interest and discuss about our faith. feel free to contact me on email josephfru458@gmail
      Stay blessed

    • Terry Prescott

      Hi Barbara,
      Are you still interested in writing letters. I am a senior and love writing and learning new things I have e 4 cats and 1 dog. Love animals. Please email me and I will give you my address

    • David

      Hello, my name is David from Uganda Africa. I am a Christian and married with three kids. I would love us to be penpals

    • Kumar

      Hi Mr David,

      I am Mr Kumar from India. Just share some scriptures to those who read the bible. Especially I am share the name of the true God in the Bible and what its name stands for. If you are interested in knowing the answer please reply.

      Thank you

  • Justin Kamalondo

    Am a Christian in Africa Country Zambia very much interested to have a minister of the Gospel as my Penpal/s

    • Joshua Abode

      Hi friend, How are you? I am Joshua, a Christian and a Bible Teacher. I saw your ad and I am interested. I am hoping to meet a Christian brother or sister for friendship, either through email or postal address. I am a Ghanaian. I hope we can be strengthen by our mutual in Christ. If you choose postal then my address is P.O. Box AT2370 Achimota Market, Accra Ghana.

  • Maidmarian

    Have varied interests. Would enjoy corresponding with male/female. I am a Senior Citizen by age, but do not think of myself that way. Look forward to receiving your e-mail.

  • Victor

    I think Christian pen pals should meet penpals who have the same religion. It is good to learn about Christian religion from different countries.

    • Kumar

      Hi Mr Victor,

      Happy to know that you are interested in religion. I am from India and I am looking for those who are religious. I am trying to reply to your mail that you posted long back. Hope you are fine.

      What do you think the bible says about the Pandemic we see now. If would like to know the bibles answer please reply this mail.

      Thank you

    • Jerry

      Am a 53 year young man, who as been merry for 30 years, and want to make a friend or few, I no God wants me to put him first and I do, and I want to meet people that believes Vin more then just this world. My name is Jerry I live in Indianapolis Indiana, if you want a friend let me know.

    • Blackson Makhumba

      Hello Jerry

      Happy to learn that there are people like you who have desire to put God first in their lives. I am one of the Christian Pastors here in Malawi, Africa, and I desire to have Christian friends from all over the world.

      I would be happy if we can connect in order to help one another growing unto the Lord.

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