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Penpals Online at Free Pen Pal Services are Better

Penpals online at free pen pals services are better than lover. You may not agree with me completely but I prefer pen friends, instead of a soul mate. I used to date with some single men who live around my area in Texas, who I met at the clubs. I have not had a chance to learn from them. They were not smart and they have no knowledge about general things. They were smart on bed. This was not what I was looking for. I was looking for a knowlegeable man who can share with me things in life, who can help me and who can exchange knowledge with me. I dated some of them and gave up since then. I am not a lesbian or anything. I just do not like dating currently. I just need to make online penpals.

For me, online pen pals are more fun than dating. I can ask all questions and get the answers as soon as possible. I like to learn other cultures about their lifestyle and their society. I like to tell them about my culture too. This is exactly what I am looking for in a man but never get it. So, I just want to make pen friends on line to exchange my knowledge with them and learn from them. Sometimes, they even asked me to go visiting their country to look in the real eyes what they told me. This is good to view the real scene about their culture in reality. So, a lover does not support me enough information as a pen pal. I do not learn much from my past boyfriends, but I have learned a lot from my pen pals on net.

When I visited Russia and Japan last two years, I had a great time at these countries. I learned different things in two nations. My Japanese online penpals and Russian penpals took me around to show me most of the beautiful places in their country. They even took me to the popular restaurants to eat different food that I have never eaten them in my whole life. So, I love penpals on net more than I need a single man. I like to make more friends on the Internet so I can learn from other nations as well. I like to make Asian penpals such as Chinese, Korean, Singapore, Vietnamese, Cambodian, and others. I also like to make Eastern and Western pen pals. I like to make friends at every nation in the world.

Pen pals online are better than love and romance. I have found many good penpals online who can help me in general knowledge. From the point of view, I can learn and understand their cultures, society, education, business, and others. I am current not looking for any soul mate since he does not help me anything in life, except romance on the bed. I prefer to have pen friends who can share and exchange things in life from USA where I live with international countries. I like to meet you in your country if we like from each other. Remember, I am looking for a pen pal, not a lover. I prefer free penpals sites since they do not charge me any fee for using their service. Anyway, free penpals services will connect you with your online pan friends.

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