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First of all you read the profile of a possible pen friend for yourself. It is best to find one that has most of the same interests as you. Some can and will be a little different, and that is ok. Once you get that pen friends address this is how you can write the best letter. On a piece of paper, write down the persons interests, age, whatever they give you to refer to when writing your… Read all

Christian pen pals are people who believe in this religion. They want to find Christian friends online to share the same belief on a regular basis by writing email messages. There are organizations and clubs about Christian friends who like to communicate and learn from this religion. They usually to to friends making sites to find new penpals. Online is the most convenient and easiest m… Read all

To find online female pen pals, you must join the free penpal sites. There are many people choose to make female friends through these penpals services today. They like to go online to share their interests, likes, dislikes, culture and education. They want to learn from their female penpals about different country or culture. Some of these also like to find a life partner through these … Read all

www interpals net review

Www interpals net has been one of the popular penpal sites to help online pen pals to find new friendship. There are many interpals online that you can find. Www interpals com is a different site from interpals net so you should not be confused about each site. It was created in 1998 for international pen pals around the world to find new friends online. There is a discussion forum… Read all

There are some internet pen pals email scams so we create this page today. These internet scammers usually send distracted messages to our members. If you receive such messages, then please contact us immediately.DON'T COOPERATE WITH THEM - FIGHT THEMBelow is some messages from these online money scams:1) THE FREE PEN PAL TEAM WISHES TO INFORM YOU THAT YOUR ACCOUNT ON TH FREE PEN-PAL NET… Read all

Penpal World Review

Penpal world website is the service for people to find new friens and pen pals anywhere on the world. The website was founded by Jakob Herrmann in the last 15 years, in Switzerland. If you are looking for online friends or pen pals, this is the service you should give it a try.Penpal world has transformed the way people making friends online, communicate and even meet on webcam ch… Read all

You might be interesting in the number of people around Australia who are looking to be pen pals with you. People are looking to be pen pals because they want to learn about some of the many interesting things that come with different cultures from all over the world. After all, Australia is quite a distant country even though it is so heavily civilized. It’s easy to find pen pals around this coun… Read all