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My name is Kim Jason. I have found some penpals online. I am a fourth year college student at George Mason University. I was interested in Japanese culture because I wanted to learn about society and economy in Japan. In my classes, I have not found the Japanese friends to ask about that. There are some Japanese students in my classes but most of them do not understand much about Japan. They do not even speak Japanese. I really stuck at that time because how I could learn about this culture. Luckily, I browsed the Google one day for “free penpals” keyword, I joined one free penpals service and found some Japanese friends who live in Tokyo currently. They are willing to answer my questions at any time. We communicate through email mostly.

Find Free Penpals
Find Free Penpals

Even I can find some documentation on the Internet to read and learn about this country, they are not as real as you ask your pen friends who are currently living in Japan. You can ask whatever you like, they will answer your questions clearly and honestly. They do not hide their feelings. They just tell me the bad, the good, and everything I ask them. This is what I want to learn from Japan. I also have a few pen pals so they give me different ideas for each question I ask. This is so great that penpals online have helped me to improve my knowledge in my class. I gained more and more knowledge every day because I have pen pals on net. I continue to ask them questions as long as I need them. They also ask me questions.

Sometimes, some pen pals online send me messages to ask me about relationship. I denied them all because I do not look for a relationship. The main reason I joined free penpals sites is to find new friends online, nothing else. I do not seek for a date or a lover online. So, when you join free pen pals services, you sometimes get such email messages. Just ignore them or reply them back to say that you are not looking for a soul mate. They will back up. Some single people just go to the wrong site. Free penpals sites are not for dating or relationship, but just friendship. I like penpal sites because they help me to find new friends on the Internet easily. I do not have to go anywhere else to find pen pals.

Looking for pen pals online has become a phenomenon in the last few years. Especially, when you look for Japanese penpals, you can find them to learn more about their culture. The main reason that Japanese culture is interested with college students or people who live in North American countries because it is popular. Free penpals service is not only for Japanese boys or girls, men or women, guys or ladies, but it is also for American people, Canadian people, and others. There is no limit to look for friends. As long as you are online, you can find any pen pal you like. There is no distance limited. The Internet means can connect you with any free penpals who live thousands miles away.

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